Daniel Whittington


consulting We offer consulting services in a variety of areas to help guide and think with you as you grow your ministry. At Oneicity, we know that there is no “one size fits all” approach to ministry. We walk alongside you to help you through specific challenges, large projects or difficult transitions. We work with […]

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development Development is a word that can mean many things in the nonprofit world. For us at Oneicity, we see development as how the donor perceives your organization and how they build a long-term relationship with you. If you want to see your organization from a donor’s perspective, we can help. We’re rolling out resources

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E Services

“e” services The growth in online giving is astounding! In fact, many of our clients saw 30-40% growth in their online giving last year. How? We develop strategies with our clients to convert website traffic into donations, move social media conversations to action, and acquire new online visitors as first-time donors. We use analytics and

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agency If you’re tired of the typical, overpriced, cookie-cutter agency work, or if you’ve always wondered if you could afford great agency work, we’re ready to help you take things to the next level. We can give you a comprehensive, full-service agency experience like no other. No canned direct mail or big machine, just passionate

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Etna Volcano

Mount Etna (pronunciation: /ˈɛtnə/; Italian: Etna [ˈɛtna] or Mongibello, Sicilian: Mungibeddu or â Muntagna, Latin: Aetna) is an active stratovolcanoon the east coast of Sicily, Italy, in the Province of Catania, between Messina and Catania. It lies above the convergent plate margin between theAfrican Plate and the Eurasian Plate. It is the tallest active volcano

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Post Link

The word tattoo, or tattow in the 18th century, is a loanword from the Polynesian word tatau, meaning “correct, workmanlike”. The Oxford English Dictionary gives the etymology of tattoo as “In 18th c. tattaow, tattow. From Polynesian (Samoan, Tahitian, Tongan, etc.) tatau. In Marquesan, tatu.” Before the importation of the Polynesian word, the practice of tattooing

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Swimming Pool

Modern pools Swimming pools became popular in Britain in the mid-19th century. As early as 1837, six indoor pools with diving boards existed in London, England. The Maidstone Swimming Club in Maidstone, Kent is believed to be the oldest surviving swimming club in Britain. It was formed in 1844, in response to concerns over drownings in

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Story of Design

Substantial disagreement exists concerning how designers in many fields, whether amateur or professional, alone or in teams, produce designs. Dorst and Dijkhuis argued that “there are many ways of describing design processes” and discussed “two basic and fundamentally different ways”, both of which have several names. A website, also written as web site, is a collection of

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