Oneicity offers a full range of fundraising solutions for small and medium sized ministries and nonprofits. Oneicity marries proven strategies with cutting-edge analytics to deliver income results previously priced beyond your reach. And the great results we deliver are based in developing stronger relationships between you and your donors — not treating them like ATM machines.

Here’s what that means in people speak: 

We believe you should have fundraising and marketing you are proud of. 

And that you can afford.

Oh, and that delivers the results you need.

(You really can have all 3).

We deliver direct mail, websites, email, new donor acquisition, major donor cultivation, digital ad strategies, coaching and consulting. Our clients enjoy growth that beats national averages.  But here’s the really good news, in addition to nice results, our clients find that they are developing meaningful relationships with their donors.  

Not only is our business model revolutionary and the results strong (even in today’s difficult fundraising environment), the way we work for you is refreshing.

Everything we do for you — from a single major donor portfolio to a completely integrated multi-platform annual development campaign — is custom-tailored to you. What a concept — unique strategy designed for your individual situation based in analysis of your data! And it’s affordable.

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