what lady gaga can teach you about fundraising

“Theatrical” was the first word that came to mind when I was thinking how to describe Lady Gaga’s “look.” “Crazy,” “weird,” “unsettling,” and “strange” also popped into my head (among others). As I wrote in the previous post on “What Lady Gaga Can Teach You,” I’m not a Lady Gaga fan (be sure to see …

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strategy: bonding not branding

Interestingly the last post I ran with contained a series of thoughts, okay rants, called “think this, not that” that didn’t provoke much in the way of discussion on the blog. But it did generate some back-channel discussions via email and phone. “Think bonding, not branding” started more than a few, “nice line, but what …

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Chris Brogan on nonprofits

In our pursuit of helping nonprofits discover the very best fundraising, social media marketing and branding ideas we’re interviewing some of the great thinkers and “doers” out there. Today we’re totally pumped that we have an interview with Chris Brogan. Chris Brogan and Julien Smith have a new book out, “Trust Agents.” Trust Agents is …

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