different in a good way

When you need help with fundraising, you want people you like and can solve your problem. It’s more than the best pitch deck or lowest price. You have to find “your people.” That’s people you trust, and people you think can deliver for you.

Check us out: here’s where our crazy name came from. Or jump straight into our team.

Here’s what we believe as a company and as individual professionals. 

These “We Believes” are the “why” behind how we do what we do.

We believe

...in following Jesus and hanging out with the people He’d hang out with.

We believe

...the best meetings are “walk ‘n talks.”

We believe

...the cheapest fundraising ends up costing you the most.

We believe

...boutique ad agencies create advantages big ad agencies can’t touch.

We believe

...in bringing dogs and kids to the office.

We believe

...in keeping production cycle times short and client relationships long.

We believe

...fear poisons working relationships.

We believe

...eating together brings us together (and you’ll never buy).

We believe

...in invoices your bookkeeper will love.

We believe

...that fundraising that could fit any ministry, community or leader will fail you.

We believe

...in telling you the whole truth, even if it’s painful.

We believe

...when we do our job we’re partners with you in your work.


All fundraising is grounded in relationships — from direct mail to major gift cultivation to branding. It’s all about a point of connection between individuals.  That’s not our “sales” talk. That’s what works for our clients and will work for you.

Relationships are the backbone of all our work.

We’ve been proving and refining our strategies for over a decade. This produces results. No fluff; we focus on response rates, ROIs and dollars.

Maybe you’re reading this because you’re disappointed or dissatisfied with your current fundraising. Maybe you’re curious if your ministry could do more than it currently is.. Take your time. Check us out. Kick the tires. Let’s talk when you’re ready. We won’t waste your time. Also, we won’t pressure you.

Wait, how do you pronounce that?

Oneicity is pronounced like electricity, simplicity or elasticity. It’s a name we coined to express our desires to have oneness, connection and relationship with our clients. As you can see from the photo of the restaurant coaster we brainstormed on, at the beginning we weren’t even sure how to spell that word Oneicity. But we knew 100% what it stood for.

Oneicity began in the low point of the 2008 recession. What was a start-up at a kitchen table has bloomed into a scrappy, strong ad agency serving clients in the US and Canada. We’ve grown. But most importantly, our clients have grown through the years by focusing on unity, relationships and results.

Meet your team

The hub of the Oneicity team is the founding partners: Kris Hoots and Steve Thomas. Often called “Hoots and Thomas,” they’re the core of our work. But it’s the team that makes Oneicity strong.

In addition to Hoots and Thomas, the Oneicity “Stakeholders” are solid professionals with great experience, expertise and passion for serving our clients. 

As we learn your needs, analyze your situation and develop your plan, we put your team together. We are blessed with a deep bench of talented pros who are available to work for you. 

get to know the stakeholders

Ryan Thomas


Right out of college I spent a decade leading teams at a multi-million dollar software corporation perfecting client experience, user processes and product development. That was a great job, but I jumped at the chance to have a role with Oneicity because of the opportunity to do far more than improve a company’s bottomline. I love opportunity to leverage strategies and techniques I learned in the for-profit world for the ministries we serve. Even with my family connections, I learned this business and this agency from the ground up. I’m honored to have the opportunity to help lead our clients and our team. We’re building something unique in the agency world: smooth processes, dependable results, reasonable prices, and practical innovations (looking at you AI), all from a fun, stable team.  

MY PASSION: I have a passion for creating and delivering innovation that engages with donors and drives income — and doesn’t just look exciting in the PowerPoint deck. You could say that I’m focused on “Strategic Delivery” — which means creating and delivering on time the things your ministry needs, and none that it doesn’t.

STRENGTHS FINDER: Woo, Communication, Context, Analytical, Positivity


Steve Thomas

Founding Partner

I served as the CEO/Executive Director of a nonprofit, so I understand first-hand the responsibility of generating income and charting a course for an organization. I’ve had the opportunity to work as a consultant with a wide range of nonprofits from start-ups to some of the largest national ministries. Currently, my focus is helping the next generation of leaders on the Oneicity team lead their way. While it’s sometimes startling to realize I’m the “old guy” in the room (how did that happen?), it’s a blessing to work with our next generation of leaders. I love working with clients on special projects and solving sticky problems. 

MY PASSION: I have a passion for solving tough problems and helping organizations fulfill their dreams. 

STRENGTHS FINDER: Ideation, Strategic, Activator, Restorative, Futuristic 



President/Founding Partner

I’ve spent my entire professional life serving ministries and nonprofits. As a young adult I fell in love with this world when I worked inside a ministry. From there I was drawn into working with an ad agency that served Christian ministries. The deep and broad experience of more than 30 years in this business has equipped me to deliver great strategies, smooth processes and actionable analytical insights to ministries. In addition to leading several clients, I oversee all print production, data and reporting, as well as making sure that our team has all the resources they need to faithfully deliver for our clients, all while maintaining my 10-year streak of at least 10,000 steps every day, no matter what. 

MY PASSION: I’m passionate about details. The “little” things matter in big ways in this business. Strategies without attention to detail are a big bunch of nothing. I know the strategies and I know the details. I love seeing how that blesses our clients and their donors.

STRENGTHS FINDER: Restorative, Strategic, Input, Ideation, Activator


John Berge

Creative Director: Design

Over two decades, I’ve developed thousands of projects in broadcast, digital media and print for scores of nonprofit organizations, including some of the largest in country. This experience gives me a unique understanding of the visual cues required to engage a donor emotionally and analytically. I could go on and on about how this works (and sometimes I get carried away and go on and on). I know you don’t want just great design, you want design that delivers the results you need, and I know how to do that.

MY PASSION: My passion is creating marketing materials that are timely, instantly recognizable, visually intriguing, and involving — materials that instantly communicate your message and motivate the donor to take action.

STRENGTHS FINDER: Achiever, Maximizer, Futuristic, Strategic, Arranger


Jessica Ivaska

Creative Director: Copy

It’s safe to say that words have always been my thing. I’ve been told that as a child I would wander around the house talking—trying out different words and figuring out which ones fit the best. I’ve been writing marketing materials for over a decade and felt like I finally found my niche when I joined the Oneicity team. Words connect donors to your cause. Words inspire donors to action. I will help you find your voice and connect with your donors while staying true to who you are and what you believe.

MY PASSION: I have a passion for connecting and I believe one of the best ways is through the power of story.

STRENGTHS FINDER: Empathy, Belief, Restorative, Adaptability, Harmony


Grace Lucas

Senior Account Executive

I enjoy taking things that are messy and making them organized. My husband and kids would prefer that I leave their messes alone (smiley face emoji) but our clients and their donors love it! Even though I have a Political Science degree, I somehow fell into marketing and discovered that I love it. In the past 15 years, I’ve served huge international ministries and small local causes. I know what connects with donors. Helping ministries fulfill their vision while making sure everyone has a good time is always on my mind. 

MY PASSION: As crazy as it might sound, I have a passion for organization and deadlines. I’m focused on keeping everything on-time and aligned with strategic goals. I love herding the cats to ensure projects stay on-track and meet the strategic goals.

STRENGTHS FINDER: Consistency, Intellection, Context, Input, Achiever


Sara Neville

Communications Director

Talking about nonprofits and fundraising are two of my favorite topics. However, talking about myself is not. 

I love being Oneicity’s Communications Director and spreading the word about the awesome work this agency does for our clients, but writing this about me, is not fun. After studying communications in college and acquiring my Masters degree, I worked in healthcare operations. My favorite projects have always allowed me to use my communication, planning, and creative skills. 

That’s why I’m so happy to be at Oneicity. I enjoy creating content for the company, as well as for our clients, connecting donors with ministries and their missions.

MY PASSION: I’m passionate about helping our clients make a difference and sharing Oneicity’s expertise with others. 

STRENGTHS FINDER: Context, Empathy, Individualization, Input, Learner


Kelli Johnson

Digital Director

Before coming to Oneicity, I owned a small business. That experience was wonderful foundation for what I do for our clients. Details, deadlines, and delivery are the life-blood of a small business or your ministry. So that’s what I take care of. My focus is on managing the activities and processes of Oneicity’s digital team, including websites, social media, and email campaigns. Testing new strategies and figuring out how to utilize those results are key to my work. 

MY PASSION: I have a passion for making and growing connections with people and love how that plays into connections with our clients and their donors.

STRENGTHS FINDER: Empathy, Developer,  Positivity, Achiever,  Discipline


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