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Not Your Father’s Fundraising Podcast isn’t just for your ears. We also have full video episodes! 

You get the same fundraising advice, but also see why Ryan and Steve have faces for radio.

In Episode 25, Ryan and Steve discuss fundraising email fails. You’ll get 7 (or maybe 8) different common causes of fundraising email failure. You’ll also learn a leadership lesson from eavesdropping, a critical question to answer to improve your Giving Tuesday results and leadership tips from Amazon and @AlexLlull

You asked and Ryan and Steve answered (or tried to). This episode features questions on everything from Giving Tuesday to Millennial Fundraising strategies…plus we have an explainer and a getting out of fundraising recommendation on the “Try This” segment. And Reacher the dog manages to get the door open early in the recording.

Ryan and Steve welcome their first guest! Kris Hoots, President and Co-Founder of Oneicity joins Ryan and Steve to talk data! Ryan, Kris and Steve talk about data and how in the world nonprofit and ministry leaders could love data. Along the way they discuss paper for direct mail fundraising, the Iron Cowboy and song surprises. Plus unscheduled appearances by Reacher and Zoe.
On this episode of Not Your Father’s Fundraising Podcast, Ryan and Steve tackle the tricky donor relationship situation of when a donor is wrong. What do you do when a donor has a bad idea or wants to “help” your nonprofit with something uniquely unhelpful? In addition to donors being wrong, the boys talk about disappearing emails, litter box fundraising, Photofeeler and Stoicism and other fundraising stuff. 
On Episode 21, Ryan and Steve dissect nonprofit direct mail fundraising. Here are the 8 most common ways that a nonprofit’s direct mail fundraising appeals and impacts fail. In addition to direct mail fundraising “fails,” Ryan and Steve discuss reusing fundraising creative, telling bigger stories and how a COVID surge is killing fundraisers.
Episode 20: “Don’t Thank, Validate” is a redemption episode. Episode 19 didn’t turn out the way we hoped and Episode 20 does a great job of putting things right. We’re talking about the practical ways you can connect with and build relationship with your donors…not through “thanking” but through “validating.” Along the way we talk about the Cleveland used-to-be-Indians; an REM song and your impact schedule; The Goldfish Problem and a surprising TikTok statistic.
This episode begins with the Sloth playground matching gift fund and ends with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. We’ve said that Not Your Father’s Fundraising Podcast isn’t like any others and once again that’s proven. In addition to the fundraising ideas about informed delivery, you’ll hear Part 1 of the discussion of why you shouldn’t thank your donors (it’s more complicated than that).
On this episode of the Not Your Father’s Fundraising Podcast the conversation continues with discussions of how to avoid and how to handle designated gifts. Ryan and Steve talk through how to avoid accidentally soliciting designated gifts and how to handle over-funded projects. As usual it’s a lively discussion. The Thomas guys also manage to talk thermometers, Publisher’s Clearinghouse, Canadian butter and Ikea…all topics that connect to fundraising and nonprofits.
Amazingly, listeners and viewers sent in questions. Steve and Ryan answer almost all of them. You’ll still get one segment of “Try This” so you can have a quick tip.
Episode 16 provides a rundown of the best thinking on how to use photos in your fundraising. We talk a bit about misuses and difficulties while laying out some principles for you to consider in your fundraising. Along the way we give an idea of how to use the credit card fees you pay to increase your revenue and somehow hostage negotiation and fundraising comes up!
Asking donors to give a specific amount of money is a key strategy for successful fundraising. Ryan Thomas and Steve Thomas discuss how to ask, what to ask and how much to ask for. Plus the learning from Formula 1 racing and Disney+ strategy discussions.
Ryan and Steve dive down the rabbit hole of new donor acquisition. How can you replace the donors who leave and grow your donor file? Touching on start ups and established organizations, there’s something to learn here about attracting and keeping new donors
Ryan and Steve have a slightly different studio set up. We’ll see if this lasts or if there’ll be yet again a different configuration. This episode deals with Post-COVID fundraising, mixed messages on national benchmarks and the sloths make another appearance. What were donors thinking and how can nonprofits respond. 
Ryan and Steve talk through why and how to integrate your on-line and off-line fundraising. The buzzwords are flying but the fundraising strategies are grounded in reality. Plus bonus fundraising strategies for Clubhouse and TikTok!
Ryan and Steve discuss the elements of successful nonprofit fundraising events in a post-pandemic world. The COVID shutdown has changed how donors think about fundraising events. Think through with the Oneicity guys on how to create stronger donor relationships through wise post-COVID event strategies. 
Ryan and Steve continue to explore the power of “Leader Voice” in this second part. Turns out that Steve has a plan to use this concept to reveal a little about Ryan and his “character diamond.” For greater donor connections, improved relationships and better fundraising, learn more about “Leader Voice.”
Why Donors Need to Know Your CEO Collects Stamps. Both Ryan and Steve were wondered just exactly how good an idea it was to tackle such a deep creative strategy BUT Leader Voice is one of the unique Oneicity strategies that make a tangible difference in nonprofit fundraising. If you want to cut through the clutter of today’s competitive landscape and communicate your fundraising message, take some time to learn about Leader Voice. Your nonprofit’s donors will love it and you will too.