We offer consulting services in a variety of areas to help guide and think with you as you grow your ministry.

At Oneicity, we know that there is no “one size fits all” approach to ministry. We walk alongside you to help you through specific challenges, large projects or difficult transitions.

We work with nonprofits of all sizes and can provide you value at a budget that will work for you.

Below are some different types of consulting that we offer to our clients. To learn more or start brainstorming ways we might work well together, feel free to contact us here.

“Dreaming Big on a Small Budget”
We’ve designed a specific consulting and coaching model for smaller or start-up nonprofits.

Leadership consulting
It’s tough leading an organization today. It’s nice to have someone come alongside you who has been an Executive Director and CEO. Not everyone understands the unique struggles and challenges of today’s leader, but we do.

Major Donor consulting
From custom reporting to crafting contact strategies to creating specific materials, Oneicity can help your organization connect with donors who have the means to take you to the next level.

Database consulting
At the risk of tooting our own horn loudly enough for the neighbors to complain, our data expertise and experience surpasses what you might find even in the top agencies in our niche. We can not only help you with your data problems, but we can show you its hidden potential for greatness. We love data because we know that your donor database is the lifeblood of your organization. Bad data can lead to bad donor relationships.

Sometimes a website or digital project needs an outside expert to guide the work. Let us help you with creative and sporty eProducts that really work.

When you rollout a new campaign, we can help you build your plan to maximize your impact.

Fundraising events
We’re not event “planners,” but we know how to communicate with donors. From framing your ask to connecting with your audience to creating program materials (that aren’t boring!) to driving your event online, we can help you.

Or none of the above
Not all consulting can fit neatly in a category. We are up for the challenge and would love to talk with you more about a specific need you have.

This might be perfect for you if you need help solving a specific problem, but you don’t need full-service agency help. If you’re a start-up or established organization, we can help you change the future.

For more information on how we can help, contact us here.

Daniel Whittington

Daniel Whittington

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