show passion for your cause

Too many times we try to convince our donors and potential donors to give just by citing pale facts and dry stats. What’s needed is a call to arms, speech filled with passion, stories infused with emotion and a full measure of intensity. Once your messaging is passionate, then, and only then, backfill with the statistics.

I’m thankful my finger was slow on the Tivo fast forward button so I heard the start of this TV spot. I’m more thankful that I had the presence of mind to watch, listen and learn.

I don’t know anything about Kaplan, I’m not endorsing them (I might endorse their ad agency). I do love the intensity and passion in this spot.

Makes me want to produce one about fundraising counsel and consulting.

Some of the copy points for the script would be:
-I stand before you today to apologize.
-Traditional fundraising consultants have failed you…
-I apologize for traditional fundraising counsel steeped in tradition and buried in old ideas…
-It’s time to rewrite the rules…

How about you? Can you generate this sort of intensity for your cause? Does your throat still tighten and the tears brim for your work? Does your heart race when you imagine the work you do?

Steve Thomas
Partner, Oneicity

Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas

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