David versus Goliath. It’s easy to forget that this is about more than a Sunday school lesson.

After all, in day-to-day business BIG can seem best. When it comes to fundraising or marketing for your ministry, you want a giant. Right?

After all:
BIG is impressive.
BIG is important.
BIG is noticed.
BIG is loud.

Of course, BIG must be best, right? Giants win.

Oh but you remember the story, don’t you?

The Philistine army is camped on one ridge line, on the other was Saul’s army. Every day the Philistine army’s champion would strut out and bellow his challenge to Israel’s army:

“Send out one champion to fight me, winner take all.”

Everyone in Saul’s army was terrified. With good reason, this Philistine giant was 9 feet 9 inches tall. Everything about him was BIG. His armor was BIG. His shield was BIG. His spear was BIG. His sword was even BIG. His reputation was BIG. His marketing was BIG. His ego was BIG. Everything about him was oversized (and over confident).

Everyone was sure the giant Goliath was unbeatable. Everyone was sure BIG would win.

So when David stepped out of the ranks without any of the advantages of the giant, everyone was sure how it would end. David wasn’t big. He didn’t have armor. He wasn’t armed with sword or spear.

He carried nothing impressive to fight with but a sling and his staff. Everyone was sure it was going to go badly, everyone but David.

While the Israelites quaked in their sandals and the Philistines chalked up another win in Goliath’s score book . . . David took a moment to stoop down and pull 5 smooth stones from the stream.

As Goliath lumbered to attack, David rose and closed the distance at a run. As he ran, he slipped a stone into his sling’s pouch. He whirled it overhead and launched. He nailed Goliath on the forehead and dropped him in his tracks. Game over. (1 Samuel 17).

“Underdogs win all the time” is the way Malcolm Gladwell puts it in his best selling book, “David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants.”

Here at Oneicity we know the power of the underdog. Everyday we see the surprising ways that “small” is better than BIG.

You see Oneicity isn’t a factory or giant ad agency. We work hard to personally understand your mission and your needs. Our passion is helping you grow. We build unique development and marketing plans that raise money for your ministry or nonprofit based on who you are, who your donors are and what you do.

Think of us as innovative, artisan craftsmen who will actually take the time to understand you and your needs. And then develop a plan that fits you (and your budget).

You want to know that your agency takes your income needs seriously.

You want to know who works on your account.

You want to know that someone is focused on results for you.

Oneicity is a team of professionals providing our clients with the very best in fundraising and marketing strategies. Everyone at Oneicity is a seasoned professional. There would be no junior people on your account.

In our careers, we’ve served some of the biggest and most well-known national ministries. Last year we delivered a couple of million pieces of direct mail for clients, plus we sent over 2 million emails, launched 7 websites, deployed 11 digital ad campaigns . . . overall about 400 projects of all shapes and sizes — each and every one custom-tailored to fit the needs and dreams of our individual clients.

You see, we’re the underdogs, but we’re really not small.

Gradually, the world is realizing the lesson of David and Goliath: BIG isn’t necessarily best. In fact, amazing service, great results and intense passion are usually delivered by a small team of caring pros. BIG often means slow, impersonal and “take it the way we build it.”

If you want cookie-cutter, same-as-everyone-else’s fundraising, find a Goliath to work with, there’s plenty of ‘em.


If you want to know what it’s like to work with a “David” who’s passionate about changing the world, click here so we can talk about how we might help you.