We can’t solve every problem. But we do know how to deliver results for our clients. You deserve a partner, not just a vendor. We’re passionate about building the relationships with your donors that deliver the results you need. Check out these recent wins for our clients.  

Fall Income Up 20%!

The September to December timeframe is arguably the most important fundraising season for any ministry. For Rescue Missions, it can be the make or break season!

In serving Rescue Missions, we’re always focused on providing income in every channel, in every way through building donor relationships (it’s the Donoricity way).

We began working with a medium-sized mission in the spring of 2016. We were brought in after a difficult experience with another ad agency that let them down. Now after our 4th “fall season,” we’re delighted to report that income is up 18% when we compare year over year.

Here’s the key to that growth:

1. Our client does great ministry in their community. Their leadership is solid and consistent. (We do great work but there’s no substitute for great ministry).
2. The Donoricity strategy works. Direct mail impacts integrated with online messaging and emails connects with donors who want to change lives.

There is no substitute for creative messaging that tells the story of how lives are changed. Telling donors of life-changing ministry through Oneicity’s strategy and creative work lifts revenue in significant ways.

A Non-Slump Summer

Few in the Rescue Mission world (or in the fundraising world generally) love the summer. On one hand you might get some vacation but on the other hand you know that income during those months will be challenging. Even though you plan and work hard to keep the dreaded summer slump at bay, there it is.

At Oneicity, we can’t wave a magic wand and make summer income roll in like November’s but we offer strategies to make summer as good as it can be. We help donors understand.

One of our medium sized Rescue Mission clients, is located in an urban area that faces serious “compassion fatigue” because of more and more people experiencing homelessness in visible ways. As part of our ongoing direct mail strategy, we deploy a set of summer coupons in direct mail to raise donor awareness and to give donors the opportunity to help all summer. Many organizations do similar strategies but not everyone enjoys these results.

Our summer coupon mailing in June had a 9.26% response rate and an ROI of 7.14. And no, there wasn’t a big gift driving that income nor did we reduce the mailing count. The June mailing count was about what we mailed during the spring.

Why the great results?

Messaging: We told our client’s story in a compelling way through a well-designed direct mail package.

Data: We found the right donors to receive this important message.

Ministry: And our client is an extraordinary organization and they do great work. (We’re really good but we can’t make your ministry better than it is).

Maximum Donor Engagement:

Redwood Gospel Mission, was one of our first clients. Jeff Gilman has believed in us more than we believed in ourselves at the beginning. Jeff loves the Donoricity model and how our work connects with his donors. We recently met with Jeff to report on the ministry’s results.

The news was good. Very good.
The validation of their ministry was clear.
And we connected well with their donors.

A partial summary of what we reported:

– Income up (33% up in the last 5 years)
– Count of Active Donors holding steady
– Count of Gifts holding steady
– Average Gift up (a continuing upward trend, another 6-year high)
– Income per Donor up (a continuing upward trend, another 6-year high)
– Count of New Donors second highest in 5 years

An amazing year. Really, last year we told Jeff the only bad news was we’d have to beat the numbers again this year — wonderful problem to have. This year, we increased and held steady. Hard to do against last year’s increases.

How did that happen?

Redwood Gospel Mission is engaged in significant ways in their community.
We provided integrated direct mail strategies that are focused on engaging donors in the cause. Jeff and his team work with us to ensure the message that donors receive is central to the mission and connected to the heart of the donor. We provide Redwood Gospel Mission with a variety of new donor acquisition and lapsed donor reactivation strategies. Direct mail acquisition remains the most challenging work we provide for clients.

Integration makes the difference.

Online Income that’s NOT Average

Growing your online income year over year is increasingly challenging the more years you do it. Right? It was easier the first year you concentrated on lifting the results of that line. Year after year, it becomes a harder game.

We continue to see great results from online giving for our clients. As an example, one of our Rescue Mission clients who we’ve been serving for 4 years recently reported that their online revenue had grown 15% over last year (and they grew the previous years, as well).

2019 Blackbaud Luminate Online Benchmark Report listed 2.11% as the average year over year growth of online transaction revenue of nonprofits in the Human and Social Services sector.

Growth in online income is no longer easy or automatic.

You’ll need great integrated strategies that are designed to connect donors with the heartbeat of your ministry. It’s not good enough to think about the tactics or technology. It takes integration across channels, messaging that’s spot-on and a deep understanding of how donors today are acting. (And don’t believe anyone who says your donors are too old to respond online.)


We believe you should have fundraising and marketing you are proud of. And that you can afford. Oh, and that delivers the results you need. (You really can have all 3). We deliver direct mail, websites, email, new donor acquisition, major donor cultivation, digital ad strategies, coaching and consulting. Our clients enjoy growth that beats national averages. If it sounds interesting, click that orange button, and let’s talk about it.