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Episode 25: Reasons Why Your Email Didn’t Raise Money

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Episode 15: Ask Arrays

You know you need to ask donors for a gift. Do you give them amounts to choose from–if so, that’s an ask array? Let them choose their own amount? If you give donors choices, how do you order those choices? Ryan and Steve answer these questions and SO MUCH MORE! Also: Ryan and Steve argue …

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Episode 11: Events That Raise Lots of Funds

2020 was the year of the virtual event. 2021 will probably have a mixture of in person and virtual events. But the playbook for a successful event is the same, no matter what kind of event you’re throwing. 

Episode 7: Writing Effective Fundraising Copy

A couple episodes ago, Ryan and Steve ticked off designers by explaining that good, beautiful design isn’t effective design–now it’s the copywriters’ turn to send in angry emails (to podcast@oneicity.com)! Having the best idea, compelling offer, and attention-grabbing lede doesn’t mean anything if the writing in your appeal isn’t effective for fundraising. That doesn’t mean …

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Episode 6: Newsletters That Engage Donors and Raise Money

Can you have Newsletters that raise significant amounts of money while still engaging donors and informing them about what’s going on at your organization? Yes…as long as it’s easier to read than the example letter Ryan has in Mail Call.  

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About the Show

A podcast about, you guessed it: nonprofit fundraising. This isn’t the first podcast about it, but definitely not like any others you’ve listened to. This is a podcast for fundraisers by fundraisers. No boring charts or the same stale “best practices” you’ve heard for years. No ideas that only work in theory, here. No concepts from people who aren’t in the same trenches as you are every single day. 

Every week, you’ll get practical strategies and tips to craft messages that engage donors and raise more money. And you can use start using them as soon as the episode is over!

Meet the Hosts

Ryan Thomas

For nearly a decade, I led teams at a multi-million dollar software corporation perfecting client experience, user processes and product development. I’m a gold watch guy, and don’t like change — especially in something as important as my field or job. But, the opportunity to leverage strategies and techniques I learned in the for-profit world for the very ministries I care so much about was a chance I couldn’t pass up.

Steve Thomas

I served as the CEO/Executive Director of a nonprofit for 5 years, so I understand first-hand the responsibility of generating income and charting a course for an organization. In addition, I’ve had the opportunity to work as a consultant with a wide range of nonprofits from start-ups to some of the largest national ministries.

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