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Ch Ch Changes.  Ready or not… Facebook continues to change and updates its user interface.   In our continuing quest to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest from Facebook, we wanted to dedicate this post to some key changes that have occurred for Facebook Pages.This past week Facebook began rolling out a full redesign of Pages, that is profiles for businesses or organizations.  Below are a few key takeaways we wanted to pass along to you:

Admins gain new freedom.

You can now interact within Facebook as your organization.

Log on as page not an individual – Click on ‘Accounts ‘in the upper right corner and then click on ‘Use Facebook as Pages’.   Any page you are an admin of will be listed here.

Once you are logged in as a page, you can interact just like an individual.  Clicking like and commenting on other pages, photos, or posts.

And the biggest improvement . . . you can now receive email notification when people interact on your page. This allows you to respond to posts, answer questions, and have conversations with your fans within minutes after they post.  This will make a major impact in driving higher engagement allowing more impressions on the newsfeed, and more attention for your organization.

Bye-Bye Tabs

As part of this redesign the tabs have moved to left hand side in a very unattractive (my opinion) location.

This move makes multiple tabs less important as the likelihood they will be noticed and clicked on diminishes greatly.

But all hope is not lost.  Your welcome tab (you do have one right?) still remains an important component of your Facebook strategy. The welcome tab is displayed when a user first clicks on your Facebook page.  It encourages them to like your page and tells a little about who you are. (Check out our welcome as an example.)

What does your photostrip say about you?

Once a page converts to the new redesign, the photostrip is visible on the top of your wall.  The strip of five photos is made up of your most recent tagged photos and then your most recent posted photo.

Look at your photos.  What do they say about your organization?  Make sure these pictures paint an accurate picture to your fans and donors.

Get creative – feel free to tag new photos so they display in this photostrip.  One important note:  With personal profiles you have the ability to control the order of the five pictures, however, with pages the order in random.

Where did my post go?

The last but maybe most important change is how posts appear on your wall.  The wall will now display your most recent post first and then ranks the remaining updates based an algorithm, calculating amount of interaction with the update and how recent it is.

This change makes engaging with your fans even more important to get key post to stay on your wall and your fan’s newsfeed.

So. . . what do you think?  Do you like the new page design?  Do you like or dislike any of the new features in particular? We always love to hear your thoughts.

Hoots and Thomas

Hoots and Thomas

Hoots and Thomas

2 thoughts on “your facebook page is changing”

  1. just changed Shiloh’s layout over. I like the children’s smiling faces across the top. It’s also great FB will now email notifications rather than having to use a third-party service for that, which thus far hadn’t lived up to its ability. i also appreciate how you can deftly switch from page to individual. First impression good stuff.

  2. I am excited about the option to log in as a page. This new feature should open up a lot more branding opportunities. Great summary of the changes above!

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