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At all the conferences we go to, vendors are constantly giving away iPads or Kindles or Macbooks to get you to come to their booths so they can make a pitch. We’re getting the opportunity to support the Christian Leadership Association as sponsors so we thought we should do a giveaway, too.

But you know us, we aren’t going to charge our clients more so we can have a booth. We just can’t do things like everyone else. So what did we do? We decided to give someone the chance to “Win What Matters.” It’s a great chance to reward someone with a truly meaningful gift.

Not at CLA? That’s OK. We’re so different, we won’t even require you to be here. We are hanging out at the hotel Starbucks. So if you’re here, we’ll be there from 6:30A to 7:30A. If you’re not here, drop us a line and we’ll find a way to have that cup of coffee.

Meanwhile, maybe you would want the chance to win what matters even if you’re not at CLA? No worries. We’ll let you in on the contest since you’re part of the tribe.

Let me know what you think of the contest! Would you rather have the iPad or would you rather win what matters? I love having your thoughts! You make us better.

Steve Thomas
Partner, Oneicity

(photo credit: Oneicity)

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Steve Thomas

2 thoughts on “Win What Matters!”

  1. We’re delighted to report that the winner of the Win What Matters contest was Steve McRee. Steve chose Shepherd’s Gate as the charity of choice. Oneicity is delighted to make a $500 gift to Shepherd’s Gate as the first winner of Win What Matters! You can learn more about Shepherd’s Gate here: http://www.shepherdsgate.org


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