will it raise money?

Tom Dickson believes in his blender. He’s all over YouTube and his own website showing off the power of his blender. And after watching a couple of his videos, I have to tell you, it is quite a machine. Check out the video and then let’s talk about what this has to do with fundraising and non-profits.

So what do blenders on YouTube have to do with fundraising?

Two things:
1. Passion. Mr. Dickson is passionate about his blender. He loves it and is having the time of his life showing it off. I can’t help but smile when I see him blend skis, marbles and oysters with shells (the ending of that one is not for the faint of stomach). If I were in the market for a blender, I’d check out Mr. Dickson’s blender. Funny, but donors are the same way. They can tell if you’re passionate. They can tell if you believe in what you’re doing. Passion trumps technique every time. You cannot, cannot, cannot overcome lack of passion with good copy. If you don’t believe in what you’re doing, do everyone a favor and dust off your résumé and find something to do you that you believe in.

2. Results. Mr. Dickson shows you what happens. If I wanted to blend hockey pucks, I believe if I bought his blender, it would blend ’em just as advertised. How about you? In your ministry or your charity, do you show what happens? Do you take your donors to the field or into the lives of the people you’re changing? Do you show them why what you’re doing is important (as opposed to telling them how important you think it is)? If not, you have to. That’s magical for donors. You have to talk about the problem you’re solving in the world and show your donors the results.

Passion and Results! That’s the foundation for raising money. What do you think, can you tell when a ministry or charity is truly passionate about their work? Does it effect what you think of them?

On another note, our plans continue to develop for our Free Webinar: Revolutionary 12 Steps to Raising Money in Difficult Times. Email us if you want information or pass the info along to someone you know that might be interested.

Steve Thomas
Partner, Oneicity

Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas

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  1. Count me in from an ex soccer hooligan that filters a lot of that crazy English stimulation into passion!

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