why aren’t you listening to me?

I recently gave a small gift to an organization whose identity I’ll disguise because of their bad behavior–they’re a national disease-curing group you’ve probably heard of. I’d like to write them a letter but I’m not sure it would do any good. So the net effect of my donation is down the tubes because of their inability to listen.

If I write them, here’s what I might say:

Dear (insert name of charity here),

A few months ago, I sent you a donation and noted on my response that it was a one-time gift. I also requested that you not add me to your mailing list.

You promptly sent me a receipt and thank you. Good.

Then you sent me an appeal for another gift. Hmmmm….

And a few weeks later, you called me on the phone asking for another gift. I politely listened, and then declined and asked the operator to please remove me from your mailing list (Again!).

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I found another appeal letter from you in my mailbox. Do you really think I’m going to give when you won’t listen to me?


KHoots, a lost donor

This charity’s fundraising is NOT about relationships, it’s centered in their need for more money. And, sadly their strategy is from the dark ages. Today’s donors won’t tolerate being ignored. There are plenty of other non-profits who are waiting to listen.

What about you? Do you have any “why aren’t you listening to me” stories?

Kris Hoots
Partner, Oneicity

Kris Hoots

Kris Hoots

1 thought on “why aren’t you listening to me?”

  1. Thanks for sharing the reality of what so many of us think about mail call from major charities. They obviously have tons of money to spend on mailing appeals. But lack the much-needed “real communication” between donors and themselves that would serve all of us better in the area of stewardship.

    My wife and I have suffered from the same caught in a charity’s grinding machine of non personal data tread-mailing! 🙂

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