twestival update: week 1

A week has passed since the big Twestival! I’m still thinking about social media and donor acquisition, charity:water and the chorizo stuffed mushrooms at the Spitfire Grill.

Interestingly, since my participation in the charity event, with the exception of the online discussions I had with Doug and Mike the organizers of the Seattle event, as a “donor” I haven’t heard a word from charity:water about the good I’ve done as a twestivaler (twestivalist?). In the “old school” way of thinking, you thank and acknowledge as quickly as possible. The power of the social media is immediacy and personalization. Not seeing much of either after my twestival experience.

On a good note. $250,000 was raised for clean water.

And now for something more interesting that came our way through social media.

Check out Tweetathon and Water is Life. I’m not sure exactly all of the connections between Tweetathon and Water is Life, but Water is Life’s website is engaging, educational and easy to navigate. We’re making a donation because it’s a compelling offer.

(I’ll keep you posted on what we hear from these guys — as newly acquired donors the clock is ticking on our interest).

What do you think about these two efforts?

Steve Thomas
Partner, Oneicity

(photo credits: randy son of robert)

Picture of Hoots and Thomas

Hoots and Thomas

2 thoughts on “twestival update: week 1”

  1. I had the good fortune last evening of being in the company of Jim Henderson (of Jim and Casper Go To Church fame) and this morning thought about how promptly, sincerely and personally he has thanked me for my small amount of support over the years. He makes sure I feel connected to what his team is doing and the progress of his mission. He even shares the rough spots. Thank you are the two most powerful words in the non-profit world, me thinks!

  2. @Al, as always, you’re on target. “Thank you” may be the most powerful words period, in all relationships. In fact I could get really theological on this, but I’d resist.
    Thank you Al.

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