to lift your monday

We’re starting the week by lifting your eyes to the horizon and reminding you that it isn’t the critics who count–it’s the men and women like you who are leading ministries in tough times, who are caring for donors, who are figuring out how to use new tools to raise money and who are turning the establishment upside down for great causes.

At the bottom is a video link. YouTube won’t let us embed it, so when you click, a YouTube window will open. But don’t click yet.
Britain's Got Talent
It’s 7 minutes long and we know your day will be brightened for having invested a few minutes to watch the video. The video is from the 2009 season of the TV show “Britain’s Got Talent” (very similar to American Idol).

The woman in the video, Susan Boyle, goes on stage with everything against her and no one believing in her. And then, well, you’ll see…

Watch the video. Have a great Monday and hit those high notes!

We’re cheering for you!!!!!

Hoots and Thomas

(photo credits: unusualimage)

Picture of Hoots and Thomas

Hoots and Thomas

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