The lesson of “fist-pump guy”

Last week Hoots took me to a Roger Daltrey concert.

I didn’t really know much about what to expect except that Daltrey was connected to The Who and I knew two songs from Tommy. Until she showed me the tickets, I had been pretty sure Daltrey was dead.

Dead he isn’t.

It was a great night of watching an old rocker (he’s really an old guy) give it everything he had. And he had a lot. He sang for 2 plus hours without a break. He was spectacular.

It was a great show, but what I enjoyed most was watching the crowd.

The audience was mostly 40- and 50-somethings (and a few of their kids). There was none of the “put your iPhone away” nonsense. So phones were up and videos were rolling. The vibe was everything you could have asked for.

Across the aisle and down one row were 5 or 6 guys—all late 40’s to mid 50’s. They were having a great time. Shooting photos of the stage. Shooting videos of Daltrey, the crowd and generally celebrating. They were totally in the moment.
I don’t think it was the first concert they’d come to together.

I could imagine them with more hair and less belly jamming to The Who 20 years ago.

The guy on the end, right on the aisle, caught my attention. He was having a BIG TIME. Constant swaying. Constant clapping. Constant fist-pumping.

I enjoyed Roger’s work that night, but what I loved most was what a good time Fist-Pump Guy was having. So I shot a video of him at work. You can see it below, too.

Notice how his arm gets tired and he switches arms so he can keep cheering Roger on. You can see Roger on stage swinging the microphone while Fist-Pump Guy works with him. It was like that all night…fist pumping, swaying…shooting videos…clapping….more fist pumping.

Here’s my takeaway for you.

Who are you “Fist-Pumping” for?

Who are you cheering on?

Who do you know who’s giving it everything they have?

Who do you know who’s shipping every day and creating good stuff?

Who do you know that’s giving their all…and needs to know you’re cheering them on?

Whoever that is…tell ‘em. Right now.

Send ‘em the video or send them this blog and say: “I’m in your crowd and I’m cheering so hard for you that I have to keep switching arms!”

Everyone needs a “Fist-Pump Guy” in their audience. It’s hard work to do great work. It gets tiring. It’s easy to lose focus on why you’re doing what you’re doing. It’s easy to think moving emails or massaging budgets are all you’re doing.
But I know the Tribe that hangs around here. You’re changing the world.

You gotta know I’m cheering you on. Fist-pumping, yelling and hooting. I’m clapping like crazy. Whew…my arms are tired.

I love hearing what you think about encouraging those we admire and what you think about my Fist Pump Guy. I love knowing what you think.

Steve Thomas
Partner, Oneicity

(photo credit: Shayne Kaye)

Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas

6 thoughts on “The lesson of “fist-pump guy””

  1. WOW – that guy has to feel it in his arms the next morning! Not everyday, people get that excited about what’s happening in front of them.

    I truly feel that Steve and Kris have this great way of silently being Fist Pump Guy and Gal for me. I feel blessed to know that they are watching over me and encouraging me on my journey to serve the Lord each day.

    Who do I give a Fist Pump out to – my staff. They keep doing amazing work everyday. I would also say the next younger generation of directors that we have running our front line programs in the shelter, recovery, families services and international. They are a group of young 30 year olds who you know God has appointed them to do that job every day – 365 days a year. To love the unloveable – the homeless, the abused mother or the African child who hasn’t eaten for days or bathed in months. Those that hug them and love them – you can just see that God is giving that hug through them. Hat’s off to the younger generation that I see.

    Also Fist Pump to a new member of our team – Blythe Daniels our public relations contractor. She is moving fast and furious. She is going to surprise us all at CityTeam.

    Once I saw Rob Stewart in concert – almost 66 years old. He jumped and kicked soccer balls out the crowd like he was a young 25 year old. I inspire to have that much energy when I am that old. Checkout his video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLyrKumuBwI

    Onwards Fist Pumping Steve & Kris


  2. You and Hoot are the masters of fist-pumping through life, showing enthusiasm and encouragement at every turn! You alway inspire me to “up” my game! Maybe fist pumps are another form of prayers of gratitude from from someone not afraid to show God and everyone they love being here and in the moment!

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