the first time I met Steve Jobs…

FastCompany ran an interesting post last week about Steve Jobs. Because Jobs announced that he’s stepping down from his post at Apple, there have been a flurry of posts on Jobs’ impact on Apple, technology, design and even the world. I thought FastCompany’s take was perfect, people reflecting on their first meeting with this iconic figure. You can see their article here.

In reading through the article and comments (they continue to grow) I was struck by how many people had very different memories of their first interactions with him: his attention to detail, his late night phone calls, his fear-inducing questions…on and on. Clearly he is larger than life and the driver behind Apple’s success.

That series of reflections caused me to wonder about “first meetings.” I’m not thinking about the people you and I meet for the first-time, but what people take away from their first meetings with us.

I admire Steve Jobs for the way he led Apple but I wouldn’t have wanted to work for him. I’m not even sure I would have liked him in person. But he did make an impression!

So what do you want people to take away from a “first meeting” with you? What do you want other people’s first impressions to be? And don’t beat yourself up, don’t worry about the fact that you probably don’t make the kind of first impression you want to make, but what’s your ideal?

I love hearing what you think.

Steve Thomas
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Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas

6 thoughts on “the first time I met Steve Jobs…”

  1. “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” ~Steve Jobs

    I’m not like Steve Jobs. But I am becoming more me everyday. I try not to think about making an impression, but about having the courage to be authentic regardless of how well I am received.

  2. It’s amazing how first impressions really do count. Hoots and I vividly remember meeting you for the first time. We both were bowled over by your passion, smarts and intensity…and it takes a lot to bowl us over (well it takes a lot to bowl HER over).

  3. @ Steve, I remember meeting the two of YOU. That was a VERY good day. (Thank you, Al!)

    Life is such a trip…and it is SOOOOO MUCH MORE FUN with you in it. Here’s to unbridled adventure – the courageous kind, not the dumb kind.

  4. Everything Deborah has said is great. I was impressed the first time I meet her. What I took away was – that she was personal – she listened – she cared about me and she didn’t even know me yet. She made me feel special. Also you could see that she wants to empower other people. All of that is really rare today.

    So – then what would I want people to remember about meeting me for the first time? There is no doubt that people will see my passion for those in need around the world. I hope somehow that they will see that I am spirit lead and God is my guide. (hard some times). I am looking for God’s fingerprints on everything and want to share that with other people that don’t necessary see how God touches things in our every day life.

    I would also agree with Deborah about you and Kris – both FUN to be with and how you both desire to take all of us on a journey together. Maybe like Indiana Jones – taking us on an unknown adventure where we’ll ride the ride over and over again.

  5. @Carol — you are so right about Deborah. She’s truly a blessing. And a rare bird. :).

    I love your self-assessment. I do think people see your passion and intensity for those in need. It doesn’t take long for those around you to see that you let God be your guide. That was one of my early takeaways about you. Couldn’t get my arms around how much you listened to Him and how much He guided you. I’ve learned to follow you and listen to you because of how well you listen to Him.

    You honor us. I love the idea of adventuring with you and this tribe of people God’s given us. What a joy and what a comfort to have such smart, wise, fun and intense people on this journey of life.

    Thank you.

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