social media for nonprofits webinar

We’re pleased as punch to announce that Oneicity has been invited to present a webinar for the International Social Media Association (ISMA).

Celebrate, it's FREE!The webinar title is:

“How to Use Social Media to Revolutionize
Nonprofits and Causes”

(how’s that for a snazzy title?).

We’re covering:

  • Why small is the new big (and why that’s a good thing).
  • Why social media changes all the rules.
  • How to capitalize on the #1 reason why people give.
  • How to avoid the deadliest mistake nonprofts make.

The webinar is next week, Wednesday, November 11 at 2:00 PM Eastern Time.

Here’s what’s cool: if you work for a nonprofit it’s FREE. These webinars are usually for ISMA members only, but because ISMA believes in “giving back” they’ve agreed to let you in FREE — no membership or fee required. If you work for a nonprofit, are involved with a nonprofit, are volunteering at a nonprofit, they are waiving the fees. What a good deal. Just tell ’em Hoots and Thomas sent you and you’re in! OK, actually, you’ll need to enter the Promo code: NONPROFIT but you get the idea.
ISMA Certified
We haven’t made a big deal about it yet, but Kris is a founding member of ISMA and an ISMA Certified Social Media Strategist. She’s spent a ton of time learning from the best in the industry and developing methods to apply those strategies to the nonprofit and ministry world.

We’ll be sharing learnings and strategies on fundraising, social media, integration and all sorts of helpful stuff. We’re even crazy enough to do a Q&A session. We promise 60 minutes jam-packed with information, real-world applications and fun. You can’t go wrong.

For more information or to register for this ISMA webinar click here (and don’t forget to enter NONPROFIT as the Promo Code to get the freebie).

***UPDATE 11/7/09***

The ISMA registration process isn’t intuitive if you want the FREE option. Here’s how to register for free:

1. Follow the link and click: “Register for this event”

2. On the next page, assuming you’re not an ISMA member, click “Continue without signing in”

3. This page is the one that can make you think you’re having to pay, but have no fear. You’ll have to enter contact information with email so you can receive the webinar info.

4. Go all the way to check out but be watching for the PROMO CODE box… that is where you’ll enter NONPROFIT and you’ll see the cost change to ZERO. And you’re in.

Hope this helps any confusion. If you have problems, email us and we’ll help. We want you there.

And while you’re there, check out ISMA, it’s a pretty cool association!

It won’t be the same without you. And if you know anyone at all that might benefit from this webinar please let them know.

Hoots and Thomas

(photo credit: kennymatic)

Hoots and Thomas

Hoots and Thomas

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