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One of the things we love is sharing what we’ve learned and learning what you know! We’re completely pumped about the number of speaking and seminar opportunities that are coming our way. Next week we are teaching at the Christian Leadership Association (CLA) in San Diego. CLA is one of the biggest conferences in our niche and we’re honored to get to do our thing there.

CLA apparently isn’t ready for both of us to present at the same time. Hoots and Thomas up at the same time probably requires special permitting. So we’re both speaking separately on subjects that are the life-blood of the nonprofit world. The CLA conference is an amazing event. If you’re not familiar with the conference you can get more information here.

Hoots presents a session called “Social Media Solutions for Small Ministries” on Tuesday morning at CLA. I’ve heard part of this presentation and it completely rocks. Kris will be working with our friend and client, Jen Harp of Shepherd’s Gate. Kris and Jen will show you how to execute social media strategies that will change the way you do fundraising.

In a moment of weakness, CLA turned me loose on “Delivering Income Solutions through Data Strategies”. This won’t be half as boring as it sounds. Wednesday afternoon, my co-presenter, Carol Patterson, Vice-President of Marketing of CityTeam Ministries, and I will lay out how to raise more money from fewer donors while spending less. Carol and I have worked together for several years and have been blessed to see outstanding results both working together and individually. If you’ve ever thought that there was a better way to do fundraising but couldn’t quite figure out how to do it, come by our session. We certainly don’t have all the answers but we’ve learned a lot and we’ll enjoy sharing what we know. You’ll learn enough in this session to make the admission fee worth it. Plus, you’ll have a blast. Promise.

If you’re attending CLA, we’d love to have you attend one of our sessions and just as importantly, we’d love to connect in person. Let us know that you’ll be there and we’ll hook up with you for a cup of coffee or something. Email us here and we’ll find a way to connect. Plus, we’ll be hosting “underground learning sessions” like: how to set up a Facebook fan page or how ministries of any size can deploy data mining strategies that will change your income picture. Let us know you’re at CLA and we’ll clue you in to when and where we can connect.

Coming in May, I’m giving my infamous “Aunt Ruby’s Branding Rules” presentation for the North Sound Development Association. If you’ve ever wanted down-to-earth, real-life branding for your nonprofit or charity, then you need to hear what my Aunt Ruby has to say. She doesn’t know a lot about branding, but she knows a lot about the right way to live life and that translates into extraordinary branding strategies. Plus it’s a great time. If you’re in the North Sound (Snohomish or Skagit counties), check out the NSDA. They’re a great group you’d enjoy. Aunt Ruby and I will be doing our thing May 25th. You can find more information here.

And as always, we love to hear what you’re thinking. Drop us a comment or stop by our Facebook page.

Steve Thomas
Partner, Oneicity

Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas

3 thoughts on “oneicity: speaking at CLA!”

  1. Having seen the Aunt Ruby talk once, I would be first in line to get my ticket for an encore. Go get ’em Steve!

    “I Love Data” is the most down-to-earth Hoots kinds of straight talk that us sure to inspire her audience. I’ve see two iterations, each one great. The Social Media side should be stunning.

  2. Thank you! You guys are such an encouragement to us. We’re honored to get to speak.
    You guys are both such incredible professionals that it means the world to us to have your vote of confidence.

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