npo leadership: a bit of a round up

Today it’s a “clean out the refrigerator” kind of post. Several things to put in front of you. Join in…you make us better by letting us know what you’re thinking.

On generational stuff. The Pew Foundation has some fascinating information and a quiz.
Click here to get the info.

And click here to find out how Millennial you are.

I took the quiz. Can you imagine I scored as a Millennial–at 91??. Who’d have thought??

Let me know how you do. Cut and paste your results if you want and let me know what you think.

Also, we were fortunate to spend time this weekend with our friend and mentor Mari Smith. What a classy, sharp, fun and genuine person. We had the opportunity to show her a bit of Seattle and chat about the future of social media. What an energizing and challenging morning. So even though we shouted her out in August, just because I can, I’m doing a second Good Job Monday shoutout to Mari. Good Job Mari. You’re simply the best! You can see a few of the photos from our morning with Mari on the Oneicity page on Facebook. And, we’d love to have you become a fan and join in the discussions!

Oh, and on Friday I asked what you worried about. So, how about it? What are you worrying about?

As always, I love knowing what you’re thinking.

Steve Thomas
Partner, Oneicity

Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas

10 thoughts on “npo leadership: a bit of a round up”

  1. Took the test and my score is 73! Surprising to me because my answers were mostly in with the majority of the Gen Xers, well except the one about the tattoo…

  2. 61. Apparently the fact that we live out in the boondocks and are FORCED to have a landline because we get poor cell service, and the fact that I don’t have TIME to get a tattoo dropped me pretty low. **GRIN**

    I’m probably higher than that.

  3. I scored an 89… not totally surprised since I missed out on the official start date by only a year. Blame Justin for the tattoo… bad influence.

  4. My score is 64. I find it interesting that I score closer to Gen Xer and Millennial than to my own generation! But really – I don’t FEEL like I’m 50 – so I guess that shows I don’t think/act/socialize like I’m 50 either! Thanks! I try to learn something new about myself everyday – this was a great one!

  5. Steve, I don’t think the test is flawed. In fact, I think it is right on. Though I love technology and take full advantage of it as I like, I do find that I don’t use many of the options.

    For example, at conferences and other meetings, when others are pulling out their phones and checking email and texting, I find myself doing something very old fashion…talking to the person next to me.

    I have actually see two persons of the millennial generation (if my eyes and assumptions about their age didn’t fail me) sitting across from each other communicating via text vs. looking up and talking to eachother.

    I am not sure that I am as non-millennial as the test says I am (21), but I think I certainly lean that way. My reply proves the point doesn’t it? It has way too many characters.

  6. Deborah Gohrke

    69…I think, my memory’s not to good, more than 30 seconds have passed.

    But the last 24 hours are atypical…

    No ink for me! I’m way too squeamish.

  7. 94.

    But we knew that all along, didn’t we!

    Can’t wait to get my tattoo to up my score!

    Ask me sometime to expound on my theory that some early Baby Boomers might find themselves morphing one more time aligning with and sharing values with the Millennials.

  8. 9 was the lowest score I heard and I think Al’s 94 is the highest. Interesting that the 9 was by someone in their 40’s and the scores I heard in the 90’s were by people not in their 40’s. Fascinating.
    So what’s the conclusion on Millennium behavior, at least set by the Pew instrument?
    I’m wondering if it crosses age more than I’d thought.
    What do you guys think?

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