interesting new book: the mesh

Lisa Gansky has written a fascinating book, The Mesh. It could be one of the hot business books this year. She’s getting lots of buzz. And rightly so.

I had heard a little about her book early on and so when it was published I popped it into our regular Amazon order.

The day after Kim, our UPS guy, dropped off The Mesh another box arrived. When I opened this box, there was another copy of the book.

I’ll confess that my first thought was: “I’m such a dope, I ordered the same book twice.” (Hey, it’s 4th Quarter, I’m moving pretty fast right now, it could happen). As I was thinking through my return options, a piece of paper fell out of the book. It was a note from my good friend Seth Godin — he had sent me Lisa’s book to review.


OK. Seth isn’t my good friend.

He’s not even my friend.

BUT, he did send me a copy of Lisa’s book because I’m one of the most influential bloggers he knows…. OK, I made that up, too.

But he DID send me a copy of Lisa’s book because I’m a blogger that was on his list (or his PR firm’s).

Seth probably sent me a copy of his book because we have been one of the previous buyers of his books through his website (Linchpin for one) and he is a big fan of her book himself. That Seth, he’s a marketing machine!

So in the spirit of sharing, Seth’s copy is up for grabs (I’ve already underlined and marked in mine).

Friday, we’ll select one person from this week’s comments on the Oneicity blog to receive a copy of The Mesh. Shipping is on us.

So why does The Mesh matter? Great question.

The subtitle is: “Why The Future of Business is Sharing” and although I’m only about halfway through it, I think it will change your thinking about the way you operate. Lisa deals with the power of social networks, sharing, cooperation and how relationships change everything…sounds a lot like how we think around here. It’s oriented around the “for profit” world but if you’re in a nonprofit you’ll still want to check it out. So far much of what I’m reading has applications to the NPO world. If you are a ED or Development Officer you’ll want to read it, not only to learn but it will be a great point of discussion with the mover and shaker donors you’re trying to connect with before the end of the year.

So here are the rules:
One person who’s commented on the blog this week will be chosen to get the book.

Spammers need not apply–don’t even think of a doing a dinky one word post to scam a free book. We’d love to have your thoughts, but don’t do it to get the free book (that’s just embarrassing).

We’ll email the lucky winner for their address and we’ll send ’em the book.

Simple, huh?

I look forward to hearing from you and what you think of The Mesh.

Steve Thomas
Partner, Oneicity

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Steve Thomas

8 thoughts on “interesting new book: the mesh”

  1. So first of all, I am shameless and I love books. Especially when the price is free. The added benefit is that you see me enough that you won’t have to pay fro shipping.

    But about the book. I am fascinated by the idea of sharing in the business world. Just a guess, but she is not talking about joint ventures here, right?

    The traditional model of business is all about creating profit…most often for the investors, but there is a great shift to create “profit” for all stakeholders. So is this just taking us one step further on the chain (i.e. Shareholder, Stakeholders, Share-partners)? What is the profit plan and how do you sell it to investors that often make the business possible? I am not arguing against the idea, I am just curious to know how it works in the for-profit world.

    On another note it reminds me of a GREAT book “Forces for Good” that identifies six practices of 12 high impact NPOs over the last quarter century. Practice number 4 is “Build and nurture nonprofit networks, treating other groups as allies.”

  2. @John–boy do we understand “shameless” and so far you’re the first to point out the economic advantages of choosing you. You’re as smart as I thought.

    No, not joint ventures, broader sharing…at times almost “open source” kind of thinking.

    I’m only half way through so I can’t say for sure but the concepts remind me of Anderson’s book “Free” most of all.

    More when I finish it…or if you win, you can beat me to the finish line.

    Thanks for jumping on, we think you’re brilliant.

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  4. @Seth — Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the book, whatever prompted it. We’re huge fans.

    (And yes, we verified that he is the famous, marketing genius Seth Godin–serious “wahoos” around Oneicity world HQ this morning).

  5. Al–You are right, bald guys rock, but really it is those of us who shave our heads that truly rock. Everything is about intentionality, Al. Gotta think this through, once you go bald, you won’t go back. So some testing with a mohawk first.

    Great to hear from you.

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