more budget dollars

Here’s a quick, hypothetical question to get your juices flowing: You have 25% more budget this year than last year.

What will you spend it on to improve your organization’s income?

Social media training?
More direct mail?
Hiring that admin person?
Television advertising?
A new logo?
Team building in Tahiti? (I’m a terrific facilitator.)

If you don’t currently manage a budget, what would you recommend your favorite NPO do?

Let me know where you’d spend your newfound dollars. I’m curious where you’d invest and WHY. I love knowing what you think.

Steve Thomas
Partner, Oneicity

(photo credit: vvvracer)

Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas

1 thought on “more budget dollars”

  1. I love to ask this question any time we interview anyone in an organization. I usually hear two prevailing answers: technology and training, both are about improving work efficiency.

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