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In naming our company “Oneicity,” we ignored one of the tenets of classic, old-school branding–“the never choose a name that could be mispronounced or misunderstood” rule. Actually, we didn’t just ignore that rule, we ignored it with reckless abandon. Oneicity certainly can be mispronounced but so can Nike (does it rhyme with Mike?) and don’t get me started on Versace.

I saw this Hyundai TV spot the other night and it made me smile. I guess those Hyundai guys have had some trouble with people getting their name right, too. I have to confess, I can pronounce their name but it takes me at least 2 tries to spell it right. They didn’t go for phonetic either.

Anyway, enjoy the spot. And listen for the ending… When we do our national TV spot I think we’ll get Jeff Bridges to say at the end, “Revolutionize the world of fundraising and suddenly everyone can get your name right: it’s Oneicity, like electricity.”

Steve Thomas
Partner, Oneicity

Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas

2 thoughts on “hunday like sunday”

  1. Love the commercial, I hadn’t seen it!

    I violated a naming rule also…. my name might be considered “too long.”

    I remember someone saying my name was “too fun,” which was a bad thing… he thought JibberJobber should have been “job search spreadsheet” or something like that… boring but more descriptive. My response was “what about google, Yahoo, Dogpile, etc.?”

    I guess even names that are against convention can do well, eh?

  2. @Jason, Thanks for the encouragement. Hoots and I are following you closely so we can help as many people as you are. Always glad for you to stop by, you lift the level of discourse!

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