happy 2nd anniversary

Two years today ago we jumped into the whole blog-o-sphere thing! It was our Inauguration Day. We had no idea how much fun we’d have. We also had no idea how tough it would be. One of the best outcomes from blogging was all the great people we’ve met and heard from. The Oneicity blog is rich because of you!

To celebrate we thought we’d feature 10 of our most popular posts:

We’re having a blast! And we look forward to many more blog posts ahead. In the coming year, we have lined up more fun interviews, and we have more book giveaways. And as usual, we’ll have our irreverent and candid viewpoint about all things nonprofit and fundraising.

You know how much we love to hear from you. What has been your most favorite Oneicity post so far? What would you like to see us write about? Who would you like to see us interview? Drop us a comment or visit us on Facebook. We are grateful for you.

Hoots and Thomas

(photo credit: Bob Jagendorf)

Picture of Hoots and Thomas

Hoots and Thomas

4 thoughts on “happy 2nd anniversary”

  1. One of the blogs that sticks with me best compared Lady Gaga and Prince. It demonstrated the impact Facebook, et al, creates in relationship building with friends, supporters, customers, etc.

    Steve, please keep your blogs coming on fund raising strategy, relationship building, copywriting. I think it would also be fun to hear more from Kris on the data side of things – she’s brought me a long ways on data and list selection as you have on copywriting. Others can benefit from her experience.

    Thank all of you at team Oneicity for what you do to help us here at Shiloh!

    Regarding interviews, would one Dan Zarrella be a good fit for ya?

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