good job jason alba!

Two weeks ago we suggested you “tell someone you work with how they made last week better.” And we called it “Good job Monday.”

Jason Alba
Jason Alba

Well today we want to say “Good job” to our friend Jason Alba whose company JibberJobber is celebrating its three year anniversary today!


Jason Alba, while not someone who works directly in our industry, is someone who has been vitally important to us as we began down the road of launching Oneicity in 2008.

So it is with deepest gratitude and much respect, that we share what Jason has done for us:

1. He shared generously and personally and candidly on his blog about his story of transitioning from employee to business owner. Hoots, in particular, could personally relate to Jason’s story and found it very inspiring.

2. He came to Seattle and had some free time in his schedule. So we invited him to speak. He spoke to our circle of friends…TWICE! It was amazing. We had dinner with him, not once but TWICE! Thanks to his generous sharing of resources, three of us who were at those dinners (and who work in completely different fields) have changed the way we manage our social media presence.

3. He has consulted on LinkedIn strategies. (He wrote THE book on LinkedIn, which is now in its second printing, and he’s speaking as the LinkedIn expert in the 2009 Social Media Success Summit.)

4. He is a brilliant and thoughtful networker and refers anyone he bumps into who works in or with nonprofit our way, just in case there’s an opportunity for another connection.

5. Jason is the first person we recommend to our friends who find themselves in a job-search. You can find Jason on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Tell him we sent you!

Congratulations Jason! We are proud to call you friend and look forward to all your amazing and continued success!

Hoots and Thomas

Hoots and Thomas

Hoots and Thomas

2 thoughts on “good job jason alba!”

  1. wow… totally unexpected! I appreciate all you have said about me, although I feel like you’ve raised the bar for me :p

    Both of you are a bright spot in my JibberJobber journey – your enthusiasm, kindness, thoughtfulness, etc. makes me proud to be your friend 🙂

    – jason

  2. @Jason–YOU are the one who sets the high bar. We’re grateful for your kindness and generosity to us as we were starting out. We love referring to you and all the pieces of your vast empire :).
    Good job Jason!

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