4 tips for cutting through the Christmas noise


A month of Christmas buying, ho-ho-hoing, and sale shopping.

  • Mail Chimp (a popular email platform) will deliver over 2.3 BILLION emails in the month of December (more than any other month)

See the problem?  How do you get your organization’s message heard above all the maddening noise of the month?

Below are a few simply tips to help:

1)   Make your impressions count with integration!  Your direct mail is getting finalized at a printer or on its way.  Give your website, social, and email message the opportunity to mirror what was designed for direct mail.

FUN FACT: The brain processes visual information 60,000x faster than text.  That’s important when thinking about how much is in your inbox.

2)   Make it visual!  When creating online communications consider how you can make it more visual.  A Facebook post with a custom image instead of just text.  A tweet that includes picture or better yet is linked to your Instagram account.

3)  Day of the week becomes very important in email.  Somewhere along the lines, it was decided that Tuesdays are the best days to send emails.  The problem is that now everyone schedules emails to blast on Tuesdays and it has become the busiest day to blast for most email platforms. (we are trying to reduce the noise, remember!)

Look back at your email results to see what days of the week resulted in the highest open rates.  Consider trying a different day…possibly a Monday or even a Saturday?

4) Time of day with social media.  The shelf life of most Facebook posts is only 4-6 hours.  Look for times to schedule your posts off the 8-5 workday.  Maybe 8pm at night when everyone is home from work or 6am in the morning as people are checking Facebook in bed?  (You know they do!) Get out of the rut and find times that work best for your page.

Hope you find these tips helpful.  Would love you to share other tips you have found helpful in combating this noisy December.

We are all in this together!

Lindsey Lind
Director of eCommunications, Oneicity

(photo credit: Guzmán Lozano)

Lindsey Lind

Lindsey Lind

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