CLA 2010 presentations

Last week was a week chock-full crazy good stuff. We spent most of the week in San Diego at the Christian Leadership Association (CLA) conference. CLA 2010 was a blast. We had the opportunity to teach, meet great people and connect with old friends.

We were delighted to have the opportunity to hangout with so many sharp people who are at work changing the world.

Hoots led off with a workshop that surveyed social media “how to’s” titled: “Social Media for Small Ministries.” Her session was packed and except for an internet connection that faded in and out, it was terrific. The group asked great questions and stayed around after for some in-depth conversations on how to really do this stuff. Jen Harp, from Shepherd’s Gate, wowed everyone with her brilliant “social media is like Wonder Woman’s invisible jet” analogy (sorry, you just had to be there to fully get it) and provided real-world ministry perspective. And considering that we had social media novices and experienced practioners in the room, the bottomline was clear: no one can sit on the side lines of social media.

Oneicity: Social Media Solutions for Smaller Ministries

Thomas wrapped up the conference with a workshop on solving income solutions through data solutions. We were amazed that so many attended a “data” session on the very last workshop on the very last day. Maybe that’s not so surprising… after all, everyone needs more income for less expense and that’s what the session was about. Carol Patterson, with CityTeam Ministries, provided a much-needed ministry perspective to the workshop, including drawing her ministry team in to answering questions after the session.

Oneicity: Income Solutions thru Data Strategies

Hoots and Thomas are delighted to share our knowledge and we’d love to have you join in the conversation. Your contribution makes it better. Thanks for stopping by.

Hoots and Thomas

Hoots and Thomas

Hoots and Thomas

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  2. That is a ton of shipping! Thanks for this content rich post. After viewing your slides I think I’ll go lay down and see if I can keep some of this information from falling out of my head.

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