can’t wait for easter

Finally. Easter is nearly here. Boy do I need Easter. Every year I wait for Easter like 10-year-olds wait for Christmas. Easter is my reminder, my marker. Easter is the real-live anniversary of the day when heart-sick disciples found angels instead of the body of their teacher and friend. It is THE day, that Mary tried to convince the “gardener” to tell her where Jesus’ body had been moved. sunriseIt is when disciples hid in an upper room in fear and confusion only to experience even more fear and confusion when a very alive Jesus showed up showing off his wounds (in my mind’s eye he is hugging and laughing with them as tears of despair change to tears of joyful wonder).

I need Easter because I probably would have missed Him that day. I never seem to be in the right place at the right time.

It does not escape me that Thomas and Judas were the two who were not in the upper room that Easter evening. Judas who betrayed and Thomas who doubted–I have more in common with those two than is comfortable.

That’s why I need Easter.

I need Easter because I’ve failed.

And I’m always afraid.
I am prone to mistakes.
I have a tendency to doubt.
I quit too quickly (and I persist when I should quit).
I get angry at the wrong people and usually at the wrong times.
I am stubborn.
I am self-righteous.
I sin. And don’t feel bad about it.
I am materialistic and unsympathetic.
I covet…seriously covet houses and cars and retirements and wealth and positions and vacations (to name a few from this week).
I envy (see list above from “coveting”).
I lie (and usually I convince myself that it is a “good” lie–for social reasons or to make it easier for someone–so not only do I lie to them, I lie to myself).
I am thoughtless and selfish.
I am prideful.
I am self-righteous (yep, I know I mentioned that before, but it’s a struggle).

And because of Easter these realities do not define me.

I am not hopeless–literally, I am not without hope. And here’s something that blows my mind: because of Easter I know I’m saved. And I know I am loved by God, really, truly loved by God.

Because of Easter my failures are not my future.

Because of Easter I do not have to produce my own righteousness.

Because God raised Jesus from the dead, my heart is alive today.

Because of Easter, what seems like an ending is not…
Because of Easter, tragedies can become victories…
Because of Easter, losers become winners…

and sinners like me are saved and loved by God.

Oh man, I cannot wait for Easter.

Hoots and I hope that you know the hope and joy of Easter in your life. Join us in celebrating the wonder of a risen savior.

Steve Thomas
Partner, Oneicity

(photo credits: Seamus Murray)

Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas

3 thoughts on “can’t wait for easter”

  1. Wow, Steve. These are amazing reminders of what really matters, and that we have hope and a future because of what Jesus did for us. THANK YOU for helping to remind me of the blessings we have.

    Love to you and my peapod.

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