8 in 8: world wide rave

Your nonprofit has a website. You have social media. You’re ready…now what? Where’s all the traffic? Where’s the online giving? How do you get your donors to show up on your website? It’s sort of like being all dressed up for the party at your house, but no one is showing up.

Some will tell you that key words are the secret. Or that search engine optimization is what’s most important. That’s a part of the strategy, but if you depend on people googling for you, you’ll never reach your potential. If you haven’t thought it through, you can end up with a great website that no one sees.

So, how do you maximize your online footprint and impact? How do you get donors to come to you?

Or said a different way, how do you get donors to engage with you online?

The 3rd book in our 8 in 8 book giveaway has a few of the answers. You may remember the 8 in 8 Giveaway. For 8 weeks, we’re giving away books that we think are important either personally or professionally.

This week’s book is one of our most often recommended: “World Wide Rave” by David Meerman Scott. “World Wide Rave” does a great job of describing the basic concepts of drawing people to your website. We interviewed him on the blog just over a year ago. We encourage you to check out that post — read more about David and learn about what he thinks nonprofits should be doing.

David has a brand-new book coming out in November that looks really interesting: “Real Time Marketing.” You can read about his book and even download the first chapter on his website. He understands that giving content is a critical concept for anyone who wants to engage with people in today’s online world.

How can you get your copy of the book? Simple. Comment on a blog post during the week or on a post on the Oneicity Facebook page and your name is in the hat for that week’s giveaway. At the end of the week, everyone who’s commented during that week will have a chance to get the book — just one chance per person — but don’t let that stop you — you know how we love to keep the conversation rolling.

So how about you? What do you do to drive traffic to your website? Do you have raving fans who do it for you? Love to hear from you on this one.

Note: Commenting on any blog post from any time on the Oneicity blog gets you in. So reach back into time and comment on past blog posts, and you’re still entered to win.

Hoots and Thomas

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Hoots and Thomas

Hoots and Thomas

3 thoughts on “8 in 8: world wide rave”

  1. Here are 7 things I do to drive people to my website:

    1. Include my web address on all my print material.
    2. Add my website, facebook, linkedin and twitter addresses to the automatic electronic signature of my emails.
    3. Offer clients/constituents a private login on my website for their personal documents and content specific to them. This makes my website more relevant to them. A private login could include contribution records and printable contribution statements in addition to special content directed at contributors.
    4. Comment on others’ blogs.
    5. Give substantial answers to questions on LinkedIn.
    6. Incorporate a blog on my website to keep the website content dynamic, resulting in a higher rating on Google.
    7. Hire Glacier Group Media to build and implement a social media strategy. In addition, they track results and hold me accountable to the plan.

    I would be interested in reading what others are specifically doing to drive people to their website.

  2. @Jeffrey–You are a machine! What a great plan for a professional reaching out into the NPO space. Good for you.

    You do a great job of executing the plan. Thank you so much for making Oneicity a part of your plan.

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