3 reasons you need more visuals in your fundraising

If you’re not focused on visuals, you’re missing a great chance to connect with your audience.

The always thoughtful Neil Patel over at Quicksprout had a terrific infographic that you must look at. Neil wrote this post in August 2013 and it’s more true than ever.

This is Your Brain on Visualization
Infographic courtesy of: Quick Sprout

What does “Your Brain on Visualization” mean to you?

1. Your donors must have visuals to keep their attention. Hmmm . . . that 8-second attention span thing is brutal. You gotta imagine they’re reading your printed materials standing over a trashcan . . . can you get your point across before they toss it? And alas, online is even more brutal!

2. Your donors aren’t reading very many of your words. Online the average person reads 20% of the words on the page. That percentage is higher for printed pieces but not as high as you may imagine. Make your messages scannable or you’ve lost the battle for attention.

3. Your donors need visuals to understand. 50% of the brain is involved in processing visuals. You need graphs, icons and headlines for your message to have a chance to register in your donor’s brain!

Focus on images in your marketing materials. Look for ways to illustrate your fundraising message. Use infographics to dramatize your cause . . . or your audience will never see it!

What do you think? Do you see where I’m coming from? How important is the visual to you?

Steve Thomas
Partner, Oneicity

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Steve Thomas

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