100th blog post: video premiere

We’ve blogged 99 times about fundraising for nonprofits, social media, major donors and nearly everything else associated with nonprofits. As we usually do, we’re stepping out there with something bold, a video blog post. We recommend video to our clients because it’s a powerful tool for taking your donors and prospects to you work. But video is tricky and challenging. We’ve had our little video camera for months. We’ve been videoing family, friends and the dogs. But just never have managed to post a video… until now.

So here’s the very first video blog post. Stay tuned, we have a “director’s cut” following this that we will share to talk about what we learned, what we think didn’t work and what you can do differently.

For our video we had a few ground rules:
1. Simple.
2. One take.
3. No fancy-shmansy editing.
4. Short.
5. Quick to do and produce.

So, we’d love to hear what you think about video. Have you used it yet? Why not? How does it work for you? As always, we love to hear what you think.

Hoots and Thomas

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Hoots and Thomas

12 thoughts on “100th blog post: video premiere”

  1. Congratulations on your 100th blog post. You have amazing stick-to-itiveness. I get tried even thinking about blogging, facebooking, tweeting…jet-setting, working with clients, raising kids, making presentations to a friend’s college class, reading, commenting, eating, exfoliating, etc…not to mention cleaning, feeding, walking and spending joy-time with those two wonderfully energetic dogs of yours.

    GREAT JOB, Hoots and Thomas! Not just on the blog – but on life. Keep up the good work.

    Love the video as it let me see you without sailing across a large body of water.

  2. Fab! Your 5-part “Ground Rules” are wonderful tips for all to follow. “Develop and plan but stay flexible.” Sooo important, that flexibility thing.

    Look forward to the Director’s Cut. 🙂

    Keep the vision of helping passionate, realtionship-driven non-profits stay effective and extraordinary by learning and growing in the social media realm!

    And by the way, video becomes you both.

  3. @Lani–Thanks so much for your comments and encouragement. I’m glad to hear you thought the video is becoming, we had a slightly less positive view of our “performance” :). You are an inspiration to us and we’re grateful you stopped by.

  4. Thanks to everyone who commented here and who emailed with encouragements and congratulations. We’re always blessed to hear from you. Now if a movie producer will call with our deal, that will make it all worthwhile–Ha!

  5. SUPER fun! Love, love, love this for so many reasons — 1. what you say is so true and valuable 2. it’s quirky which made me want to keep watching 3. it’s upbeat which made me smile the whole time I watched 4. it’s inspiring which made me just hook up my own Web cam and play around. Not so good. I think my eyes looked crossed on video – lol. Gonna need to do lots of editing. Great work. Cant wait to see the next one!! Congrats! Michelle

  6. @Michelle–Thanks so much for your comments. Quirky, we got that down! Hook up that webcam Michelle, you have much to share. I know you, you’ll be great. And forget the self-criticism, you did get a look at me, didn’t you? Bald, out-of-control dancing eyebrows, Popeye the Sailor look-a-like… If I can do it, you’ll kill.
    Can’t wait to cheer for your premiere.

  7. Both of you are ROCK STARS at blogging and now video blogging. I agree with all your points. As a manager of whole group of Rock Stars at CityTeam, we face all your points on a daily basis. If only… a day had 30 hours.

    The most important point is “strategy” – why are you talking about a certain topic and how will it help all of us to do a better job at raising funds for our non-profits. And drawing in new viewers to the class room of Oneicity. Thanks for 100 blogs of thought provoking topics.

    Congratulations to both of you. You get an A+ in the School of Rock and Blogging! Keep it up – we are all reading, watching and learning.


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