100 Days

The Oneicity blog is 100 days old! Oneicity existed before that, but our blog was our coming out party! Our first blog post was on Inauguration Day–January 20, 2009. In his 100-day press conference, a member of the press corps asked President Obama what had surprised him, enchanted him, surprised him and troubled him since he had been in office.

Presidential SealWe’re going to take the same question from the press corps–what has surprised us, enchanted us, humbled us and troubled us in our first 100 days of active blogging?

Surprised us: How difficult it was to invest the time to make the leap to social media and blogging on a daily basis.

Enchanted us: That people we didn’t know before have engaged us in stimulating and inspiring conversations which have grown into deep, meaningful relationships. (This social media thing works and is worth the effort).

Humbled us: How God has blessed us with rich relationships with some of the brightest stars on the world stage through the Oneicity site, our blog and social media. People like: @carolpatterson, @jasonalba, @al_doyle, @mikeyames, @j8ke, @offthemap and our new mentor @marismith!

Troubled us: How many organizations are not using analytics to drive their fundraising strategies.

We’ve had a blast in the last 100 days, thanks for coming along on the ride.

How about you? No political comments please, but tell us, in the past 100 days of fundraising or social media strategies:

What has surprised you?
What has enchanted you?
What has humbled you?
What has troubled you?

Hoots and Thomas

(photo credits: Randy Son Of Robert)

Hoots and Thomas

Hoots and Thomas

2 thoughts on “100 Days”

  1. Congratulations. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. The past 100 days…
    surprised: the hype surrounding Ashton Kutcher and CNN race to one million followers on Twitter only to find out that it was sort of rigged
    enchanted: by Twitter community to connect for charity (especially charity:water)
    humbled: read a blog post on where they talked about asking for encouragement for a young man who was graduating from military school. they got over 100 emails of encouragement.
    troubled: not a fan of all the “get rich quick” websites popping up all over the place

  2. @Ana-Thanks for jumping in. Sorry I missed your comment. One of those technical glitches–or actually my cluelessness. We’re grateful to have you on board.

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