what’s the ROI on social media?

One of Oneicity’s distinctives is our focus on delivering customized net income solutions backed by strategic, actionable analytics. We’re blessed to serve wonderful organizations and have the opportunity to provide a range of services from direct mail to full-on integrated campaigns.

A part of our work that continues to grow like crazy is helping clients sort out Social Media — you know that whole “What do we do with FaceBook?” question.

It’s not unusual for leaders to end up polarized at of one of two positions:
“Social Media will solve all our problems and raise gobs of money.”


“Social Media is for narcissists and 14 year-old girls, it’s worse than useless for our organization, it’s a waste of time.”

It doesn’t help that there are social media “experts” out there championing strategies where they claim just because something works in the for-profit sector that makes them valid for nonprofits.

We’ve been thinking a lot about the return on investment for social media. In fact, we’ve had a pretty spirited debate internally at Oneicity around social media ROI and if it’s even possible or fair to calculate an ROI on social media . . . And if you do calculate ROI, based on what? And what metrics? . . . well you get the idea.

Maybe you’ve wandered down this path as well.

Our thinking and our work for clients led to an interesting turn of events, we’re speaking at the Christian Leadership Alliance’s Annual conference in April on: “Improve Your Ministry’s Social Media ROI.” (I know, I know, you thought CLA was smarter than to let the Oneicity troublemakers loose, but in a moment of weakness . . . they invited us). Plus Hoots and I have shanghaied Lindsey Lind, Oneicity’s Social Media Director, into joining us in the free-for-all.

Here’s how you’re involved:

First, even though we’re nearly finished with the presentation I’d like to be sure we’re answering as many questions that NPO leaders have about a Social Media ROI as possible.

Would you share with me what you’ve been wishing you knew about social media and ROI? What do wonder about? What do you wish you knew about the best thinking in Social Media ROI? What would help you make good Social Media decisions? And generally, what would you love to hear us answer?

Second, you could come to Orlando and see our little circus for firsthand. CLA puts on an amazing conference and it always delivers top-flight speakers and content. Here’s the brochure link and more info. You won’t be sorry.

So help us out. What do you think about an ROI for Social Media? How do you think about it? And wanna meet up in Orlando? Either in person or digitally, I love the conversation with you.

Steve Thomas
Partner, Oneicity

(photo credit: hoyasmeg)

Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas

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