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The Oneicity office looks out over Madison Ave. No, it’s not that Madison Ave. Our Madison Avenue is on Bainbridge Island, a short ferry ride from downtown Seattle.

As I write this, the Grand Old 4th of July parade is cueing up outside our office. I can see a goofy-looking 9 foot-tall stuffed camel. He’ll join the Jump Rope Team, some antique cars, a few church groups, local businesses, the yacht club, the High School band, the cheerleaders and a host of neighbors in parading down Madison Avenue to celebrate the 4th.

For me, the highlight of last year’s parade was the sparkling clean septic tank pumper truck (it was fun to imagine getting that baby ready to parade).

Last night we saw people staking out their parade viewing spots with lawn chairs strategically placed on the sidewalk and green spaces. I’m amazed that an empty lawn chair will hold a spot and not disappear overnight. But you do have to reserve a spot because Madison Avenue is packed when the parade kicks off.

The Bainbridge Island 4th of July Parade is a Big Deal.

It’s the kind of small town fun that’s going the way of pocket calculators and Dodo birds. But today, neighbors, family and some tourists from Seattle will gather on Madison Avenue to catch candy thrown by clowns, cheer the bag pipers and wave at local politicians.

The 4th of July Parade is a big deal to those of us who live here. You probably have a bigger, cooler parade. Or you may be so cool that you’ve outgrown a parade. I get it.

But I haven’t outgrown the parade.

What I love is that today, our community will put aside all of our political and socio-economic differences to celebrate the 4th and celebrate community.

Blogging has been a wonderfully rewarding grind for me. But I’ve had to set it aside for awhile because Oneicity’s growing so fast that I’ve had to keep my attention on our client’s needs.

I’ve missed it and I’ve missed you.

This post is the 200th on the Oneicity blog; it’s a milestone for Hoots and me. We didn’t know what would happen when we leaped in January 2009 with our very first blog post. Who knew it would go like this? It’s a delightful ride.

Thanks for joining us on the way. The Oneicity tribe is amazing. You’ve shared the journey with us.

You’ve asked great questions.

You’ve poked holes in my thinking.

You’ve shared your victories and struggles.

You’ve experimented and learned with us.

You’ve made it wonderful.

The ride continues. Our team has grown and we’re celebrating the joys of more great people who are doing the work of their lives for great clients.

Thank you for joining us and sharing the adventure with us.

I’m back to blogging. The fun begins again.

I’m headed downstairs to try to catch some candy those clowns will be throwing (not politicians, but the red-nose kind) and to celebrate community.

And I’m celebrating you, because this Oneicity tribe is part of this crazy dream we call Oneicity…

Steve Thomas
Partner, Oneicity

(photo credit: Steve Thomas)

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Steve Thomas

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