nonprofits: where’s the leadership?

Whoa, Seth Godin fired off one of his usually insightful and provocative posts. Seth typically writes about marketing, advertising and general business topics, but this time he strayed into talking about nonprofits (and to some degree the leadership of nonprofits). Pop over to Seth’s blog and check it out here. I will say that I agree with most of what he says.Another smart bald guy!

We’ve been crazy-busy at Oneicity so we’ve had to neglect our blog lately. 3 big projects and a new client start up took all the slack out of schedules (and killed our sleep). So we had to invoke our #5 lesson learned from our 100th Blog post video. Watch our video to discover lesson #5.

We’ll be back to blogging and sharing shortly, so stay tuned. And Feedblitz is up and running now, so if you haven’t signed up to have the Oneicity blog pop into your in box via email, you can find the spot in the right side navigation bar. It’s easy. We don’t ask any personal questions to get you to sign up. And we won’t try to sell you any “get rich quick” schemes.

We’re around for comments; we always want to know what you’re thinking. Do you agree with what Seth says about nonprofits and npo leadership? What do you think should be done? Do you know exceptions (we do)?

Let me know.

Steve Thomas
Partner, Oneicity

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Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas

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