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On Mondays here at Oneicity, we have asked you to thank people who really make a difference in the work you do. We’ve called it good job monday.

Partners!Oneicity is very pleased to tell you about our friends over at Aqubanc and donor.com who have formed a partnership that could make your work more than a little easier.

By combining innovative technologies of hardware and software, these two companies are partnering to save ministries and nonprofits money and time, all the while improving data entry accuracy. They are at the AGRM (Association of Gospel Rescue Missions) conference in Denver where they are sharing this great news with all of their clients in attendance, as well as many whom they hope will become their clients.

What is truly amazing about this technology solution is that it is within reach of organizations of all shapes and sizes. The Aqubanc and donor.com alliance presents a scalable gift processing, database solution for big and small nonprofits.

By implementing this plan, organizations realize not only greater accuracy and speed, but also reduced overall expenses due to lower payroll costs.

And this is just the beginning. You see Jim Cowen, President of Aqubanc, and Bruce Milne, COO of donor.com, have a shared vision of stewardship. They believe that when ministries spend less on business expenses, they’ll have more dollars to do more ministry!

Check it out…download the entire press release here. We just think it’s awesome when technology comes together to benefit ministry in such an amazing way! We hope you do, too!

Hoots and Thomas
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Hoots and Thomas

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