facebook timeline: show love to your graphic designer

Graphic designers rejoice! Facebook timeline for pages has been officially announced as a reality.

What’s the deal? On March 30th all Facebook pages will be required converted to the new format. Don’t wait ’til the last minute…start considering how the changes will affect your page.

So what’s the big change? In one word…visual! The new timeline design allows for large visual areas that you are able to customize and design.

-The new cover photo (at 815 pixels wide by 315 pixels high) plus the profile image (200X200) gives you A TON of visual space to promote your organization and raise awareness for your cause.

This is where the graphic designer comes into play…to make best use of this space, consider spending a few dollars to get the design right the first time! Your timeline will be the headquarters of all your Facebook activity.

This is the first place Facebook users see before they choose to become a fan.

Also if you’re running Facebook Ads (if you’re not you should be) to acquire new fans and donors, the cover photo and profile image might be the first introduction they have to your organization…EVER.

There’s more?

Yes! This update is significant! It includes more changes than just the visual aspects. Thus more blog posts will be coming as we look at all the changes to Facebook pages and strategies to help you make the most out of these new features.

Lindsey Lind
Social Media Director, Oneicity

Lindsey Lind

Lindsey Lind

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