cover bands, donors and a new oneicity client

Let’s talk cover songs, the embarrassing 70’s band Abba and new working relationships.

First cover songs and cover bands. I heard a musician say recently that the main thing wrong with cover bands is that they’re doing a sad imitation of a great original. He’s right.

Hoots and I love artists who can take songs and make them their own. They aren’t limited by the original. They create a new piece of art within the constraints of the original words and melody. Making art within constraints adds energy, opportunity and power.

One of our friends, Daniel Whittington, has done this. It’s magic in a bottle. He’s an Austin-based artist-musician-leader-thinker. (I’m always jealous of those 3-hyphen guys).

Remember that huge Abba hit, “Take a Chance On Me”? Yea, makes me cringe, too.

Take a minute to check out what Daniel’s done. It’s a cover of “Take a Chance On Me” but it’s bluesy, jazzy with just a wee bit of country top spin. All the bubble gum of Abba’s original is replaced with depth, soul and heart. Even knowing the strategies he’s using to make it hot, I’m still wowed.

Here’s the video playlist of his whole concert. You can skip around and enjoy hearing some classics like you’ve never heard them before. (Check out the ZZ Top vibe in “I Just Want to Celebrate.”)

I grabbed “Take a Chance On Me” to show you, because I want to remind you that all relationships are about taking chances.

When you ask donors to join your cause, you’re asking them to take a chance on you. You’re asking them to believe that they can change the world through their gift. Very particularly, any first gift, biggest gift or gift from a long-lapsed donor is that donor taking a chance on you.

You can’t ever forget that. Respond appropriately, they’re taking a chance on you. Rise to the occasion!

And speaking of taking a chance, I’m delighted to announce that Oneicity has a new client. We don’t toot our own horns or make a big deal about what we do, but I’ve realized that humility gets in the way of our audience understanding the scope of our work.

After an extensive search, Back to God Ministries International has chosen Oneicity as their direct impact ad agency. We have the greatest respect for the mission, ministry and leadership of this great ministry and can’t wait to see what God has in store for us in the future. Any great new client relationship is about taking chances.

Any time we talk with a prospective client about becoming their agency, we’re saying: “take a chance on us.”

And a smart agency, is asking itself: can we take a chance on this prospective client? Are they doing great work? Will they listen to our counsel? Are they poised to grow? Do we like working with their leaders?

You’re asking everyone around you to take a chance on you: Your donors. Your Board. Your boss. Your coworkers. This week you can respond to those who are willing to take the chance. You can honor their trust, cherish the relationship and deliver.

I’d love to hear what you think of Daniel’s covers, taking chances and stuff like that. And join us in welcoming Back to God to Oneicity.

Steve Thomas
Partner, Oneicity

(photo credit: Flickr4Jazz)

Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas

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