blogging: the finish line

Whew! We’re finishing our marathon 3-part series on the common denominators for successful blogs.

The first four denominators are:

1. Publish constantly.
2. Have a team.
3. Get creative with content.
4. An attitude.

Next in line…
5. Be visual.

Every single blog on the worldwide top 10 list features at least one image or video in nearly every post. Video continues to grow and is the killer app.

Images draw the eye into an article’s text and give it more impact. The Oneicity Blog Editorial Staff sometimes has lively debates about our images. But we’re committed to images. You may wonder what in the world that image has to do with the thought, but we’re trying.

Finally, what maybe the secret sauce,

6. Give.

This is more subtle and less noticible. But as you’re reading blogs, notice that the blogs you’re drawn to are constantly offering up others ideas and thoughts. They’re giving to you, not promoting themselves. In fact, Hoots has convinced me that the secret to this whole blog/social media deal is to give. The blogs that only talk about what they have to say and what they are offering to the world (or heaven forbid, what they’re selling) aren’t the big blogs. Look around, it’s true. And yes, we’re planning a bunch of “give” blogs to balance this little rant.

But giving shouldn’t be difficult for you. You’re an organization that gives. So give. Point to other great blogs. Tell people about great ideas. Feature your donors. Take your donors beyond this moment and lift their eyes to something greater than what’s happening on a Monday morning. Now that’s a noble task.

There you have it, 6 easy steps to a successful blog. Oh, and one more.

7. Jump in.

If you don’t try it, you’ll never know if you can.

Steve Thomas
Partner, Oneicity

(photo credits: Malibu Chrissy, Muffet, and Murdoch666)

Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas

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