birthdaypalooza 2013

Well it’s that time of year where Hoots and Thomas celebrate our combined birthdays — it’s a little thing we call “Birthdaypalooza.” Birthdaypalooza last year marked our combined 100th birthday, so we threw a party for 100 of our closest family, friends and clients. This year in lieu of a big honking party, and inspired by this post by Seth Godin, we’re asking you to give a gift to your favorite charity — or one of ours (see list below).

Your gift, no matter how big, will make a difference in this world. Your gift can bring someone in off the streets, provide them with a meal, give them a safe place to sleep, help them get their GED, teach them how to read, provide clean drinking water, or teach them about the grace of God.

So today in honor of Birthdaypalooza 2013, we ask you . . . hey, we challenge you . . . to make a gift. And if you want to, tell us what you decided to do in the comments.

Oh and if you’re looking for a worthy cause or charity, we at Oneicity serve some pretty amazing, hard-working, world-changing ministries. We know they’d be grateful for your support, too.

Here are some suggestions:

Childcare Worldwide
Children of Grace
The Dream Center
Everett Gospel Mission
Northlands Rescue Mission
Redwood Gospel Mission
Raleigh Rescue Mission
Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch
Shepherd’s Gate
The Rescue Mission
Taproot Theatre Company

Hoots and Thomas believe in experiences and celebrating moments of life. We hope you’ll celebrate with us and experience the joy of giving to worthy causes.

Hoots and Thomas

(photo credit: Steve Thomas)

Hoots and Thomas

Hoots and Thomas

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