are you stuck?

Everyone gets stuck at some point.

You can’t figure out how to proceed.

You’re not sure how to solve a problem.

You’re overwhelmed with too much to do . . . and then everything seems most important and nothing seems most important.

Or there’s this one thing that’s not working. If only you could get that to work . . .

Maybe it’s something you can’t tell your boss about. Or maybe you’re the boss and don’t have anyone to talk to about it.

Where are you stuck?

No, that’s not a rhetorical question. I’d love to know. And the only way I’ll know for sure is if you tell me. It’ll be confidential. It’ll feel good to get it off your chest. And it’ll help me know what you’re dealing with. You’ll help me know what themes are important to you for the blog.

The tribe that reads this blog are important to me. Those of you who show up on our Facebook page: we love having our part in helping you change the world.

Just take a minute right now and let me know. To confound the spammers, use this Survey Monkey link. It’s a simple 1-question survey. Use as few words or as many words as you want. Of course you can use the comments here if you want.

Stuck? Let’s work on that. I love hearing what you’re thinking.

Steve Thomas
Partner, Oneicity

(photo credit: channone)

Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas

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