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Online video is the killer application these days. We’ve talked about great uses and opportunities–most recently talking about Susan Boyle of Britain’s Got Talent. We’re recommending everyone dip a toe in the water and try it (Oneicity is even dabbling a bit).

Here are a couple of links to inspire you:

Charity Water.
Seth Godin.

One common barrier is the technology. What camera do I use? What formats? The last video camera you used might have been one of those monster VHS jobs. Who’s going to shoot the video? How does it get on our website?
video lense
One technology barrier is gone: the camera. There are many easy options for shooting online video, one that we like is Flip Video. It’s the size of a cell phone. One model can even shoot in High Def. They’re easy–we know a 12 year old who got one for his birthday. Total time figuring it out: about 40 seconds. Total time to edited video: about 3 minutes. And get this, there’s software for uploading. We’re not promoting the Flip, we’re saying here’s an inexpensive way to try online video. There are others in the same price range but the Flip Video guys are doing something interesting, they’re offering a deal for non-profits.

Nonprofits get a buy 1 get 1 free option. Here’s the link. You have to apply and there is a “church” exclusion but it seems to me that you could qualify or lobby for them to allow you. As we’d say, “So just because we’re Christian, you’re saying we don’t do good work?”

Don’t let technology-phobias or complications keep you from getting in on this. Give it a shot. It’s not that hard–if you’re having trouble, grab a 12 year old.

Steve Thomas
Partner, Oneicity

(photo credits: Xurble)

Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas

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