30 days of income in one day

Want to know how much difference it can make to use cause-strategies in your fundraising? How about 30 days of income in one day? True story, hot off the press: on Giving Tuesday, one of our clients raised more funds online than they received online in the entire month of November last year.


In 1 day. 24 hours.

More online fundraising dollars on November 27th than were given online last year during the entire month of November.

What made the difference?

Several factors, including: great integration, attention to detail, improved social media strategies and other good stuff. One key factor I can point you to is that we’ve been helping them use “cause-strategies” in their fundraising.

And let’s be clear, Giving Tuesday all by itself probably wouldn’t have made such a startling difference (they were already running way ahead of last November). But Giving Tuesday did fit like a glove into our overall strategy: integrated, cause-based fundraising.

Sound interesting?

I’m not saying that any organization can have this kind of startling growth. And I’m not saying that Oneicity made it all happen (and I’m really not selling Oneicity, although I am talking about our client).

What I am saying is that if you don’t tap into the powerful currents of “causes” today you will miss out on income. Period.

And remember, you don’t have to start inserting the word “cause” into your fundraising or try to rebrand your organization into something involving colored ribbons. Our client isn’t branded a classic “cause” but we’re using cause-based strategies for them.

Want to do it yourself?

I’ll give you an “I-word” to start on. This is a critical component in “cause” fundraising. There are other equally important elements, but this is a great starting place.

Here you go:

Today’s Donors Want “Influence.” (I touched on “Influence” in the 5 Ways to WOW Todays Donors.)

Today’s donors who are “all in” with your work will share the word about your work. But only if you give them the tools to share, permission to share and the message to share. If you do that right, they’ll help you by using their influence to persuade friends and family.

Donors who love you, love to talk about you.

Encourage your donors to share about your mission. Don’t strong-arm them or pressure them. Instead cast a vision of how their influence can drive city-wide, county-wide, nation-wide, world-wide change . . . even generational change! Help them see how sharing their personal influence is a multiplier for your great mission! Showcase and encourage those who help spread the word.

Donors need to share what they believe in and will spread the word.

But you have to help them. Give them permission and ask them to use their influence to help the cause. Remember, this isn’t about your organization, this is about the donor’s desire to change the world. Give your donors the tools tell their friends.

And ask them to tell their friends. You have to have a call to action.

The hard part is crafting your message to be contagious and sharable.

Of course, you won’t be able to control everything your donors say about you, but that’s OK, they’ll still be powerful influencers with their friends and social connections.

Donors can give you the gift of their Influence by spreading the word about you. It makes a difference. It can make a big difference . . . like a month’s income in one day!

What about you? How are you using cause strategies in your fundraising? How do you see causes changing fundraising? I’d love to know what you think.

Steve Thomas
Partner, Oneicity

(photo credit: Mike Baird)

Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas

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