2015 word of the year

The 2015 Oneicity word of the year is “Dream.”

Dictionary.com has this as the #6 definition: an aspiration; goal; aim.

We have aspirations and goals and aims. But.

We want to think about “dream” as bigger than that.

Walt Disney is quoted as saying: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” 

I’ve become fascinated with Walt Disney as a person, as creative force, as an entrepreneur and as a dreamer.

Walt was a dreamer. Not in the sitting, musing, hoping something would happen kind of dreamer. But a get things done, pragmatic, demanding, perfectionistic, idealistic dreamer.

Disney is so much a part of the world because Walt was clearly a dreamer and absolutely a doer. He dreamed, but he didn’t sit around with his head in the clouds. He was working it.

Walt dreamed so big that he named an amusement park after himself: Disneyland. 

That would be like creating “Thomasland.” Think about that. How’s that for crazy bold? Naming a land after yourself is a pretty strong statement!

That’s literally staking out your turf and saying, “This is going to be something, and I put my name on it.” And remember when Walt did Disneyland, no one had ever done what he was planning.

That’s a potent dream.

There are all kinds of kinds of dreams.

First, there are the “win the lottery” dreams. You imagine The Number is your number and you have to decide between “lump sum” or “yearly payments.” You dream of your rich uncle dying. That one stock taking off like a rocket. Striking oil. The 7-figure estate gift arriving to save your budget. God intervening against all odds. The literary-types would call it the deus ex machina dream. The unexpected happens to bring about a happy ending in an unsolvable situation.

That’s not the kind of dream we’re talking about.

I’m talking about the “Walt” Dream. This is what 2015 will be about for us.

The big, bold, scary dream that you work a path to complete.

The dream you don’t wait for, you work for.

The dream you imagine and plan for.

The dream that is scary because it’s too bold and too big, but you’re still going to chase it.

Dreaming and imagining makes me think of something found in scripture. Do you know the verse I’m thinking of? The Message puts it this way:

God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us. (Ephesians 3:20)

I like that: “imagine,” “guess” or “request.”

What’s your wildest dream? What’s your “Disneyland?”

You might wonder, “What’s our dream?”

Here’s where we’re beginning with 2015 dreams:

More changing the world. We dream of extending our reach and influence into organizations and ministries we’ve not had the opportunity to touch.  Because so many of our clients had truly amazing years, we want the opportunity to help more vibrant nonprofits experience this growth and the opportunities that come with growth.

More influence. We dream of teaching more people about how they can grow their dreams. We want to know more people who are dreaming about their influence and their impact on the world. We will be working with leaders and professionals to help them dream (and build) their Disneylands!

What does that look like?

First, during our annual review meetings, we’ll be asking our clients for their one big “Disneyland” dream. We want to know what is on their hearts that maybe they haven’t articulated. We’re going to put energy, thinking and hard work to bringing Disney Dreams to life.

Secondly, you’ll see here some very specific new efforts. You’ll see some changes that are risky and bold. Oneicity will continue to be the scrappy, rebellious team of creatives and strategists we’ve always been. But we continue to grow and continue to find new ways to take what we know and extend it in new ways.

Because of the way the world works, I need to say this is not about any get-rich-quick schemes or that all you have to do is dream something for it to happen. It’s the opposite. This is about not worrying about how all the dollars will work out. This is about finding that illusive, perfect balance of not sweating the money and not being crazy.

This is about believing enough in a dream that you will push past discouragement and climb over any obstacles and ignore all the critics . . . and focus on the work required to breath life into your dream.

What do you dream of that is too big? Or too scary? Or too impossible? Or that you’ve already failed at too many times? Or that everyone says is nuts? Or . . . whatever.

Let’s dream and grow together.

I’d love to know what your dream is. You may not want to put it in the comments. Email me. If you don’t know my email address, use the contact link on our website. Put “Dream” in your comments and it’ll come to me. And I’ll respond. (We get enough traffic to our site that those foul spammers force us to be a little tricky about this).

Steve Thomas
Partner, Oneicity

(photo credit: CMichel67)

Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas

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