We Believe

When you’re considering hiring an ad agency or consultant, find people who fit you, not just who’s got the best pitch deck or the lowest price. You should find “your people.” Maybe we fit you. Candidly, we’re not for everyone. We’re a little different in a good way. 

You might be familiar with Simon Sinek’s ground-breaking TED talk on the importance of “why.” What most of us missed in his video and book is that he’s not talking about mission statements or corporate speak. He’s saying you need to state and know the “we believes” behind what you do.

Here’s what we believe as a company and as individual professionals. We’re not making a statement of faith.  These “We Believes” are the “why” behind how we do what we do. 

At Oneicity:

  • We believe in following Jesus and hanging out with the people He’d hang out with.
  • We believe the cheapest fundraising ends up costing you the most.
  • We believe boutique ad agencies (like us) create advantages big ad agencies can’t touch.
  • We believe in bringing dogs and kids to the office.
  • We believe the best meetings are “walk ‘n talks.”
  • We believe in keeping production cycle times short and client relationships long.
  • We believe fear poisons working relationships.
  • We believe eating together brings us together (and you’ll never buy).
  • We believe in invoices your bookkeeper will love.
  • We believe that fundraising that could fit any ministry or community or leader will fail you.
  • We believe in telling you the whole truth, even if it’s painful.
  • We believe when we do our job we’re partners with you in ministry.

That’s a glimpse of who we are. We’re curious what you think. If we sound like people you could work with, let’s chat. You’ll notice the difference when you start with the right fit first. And we’ll knock your socks off with how we work for you. And of course, donors do respond in fun ways.

We’d love to know about you and what you believe about the work you do. Let’s talk.