Ryan Thomas

Vice President

Growing up, during breaks from school, I had opportunities to travel the world as a photographer for ministries. I saw in-person the needs and possibilities that exist, and it lit a passion for ministry and nonprofits that continues to this day.

After college, for nearly a decade, I led teams at a multi-million dollar software corporation perfecting client experience, user processes and product development. I’m a gold watch guy, and don’t like change — especially in something as important as my field or job. But, the opportunity to leverage strategies and techniques I learned in the for-profit world for the very ministries I care so much about was a chance I couldn’t pass up.

My Passion: I have a passion for creating and delivering innovation that engages with donors and drives income — and doesn’t just look exciting in the PowerPoint deck. You could say that I’m focused on “Strategic Delivery” — which means creating and delivering on time the things your ministry needs, and none that it doesn’t.

Strengths Finder: Woo, Communication, Context, Analytical, Positivity

Fascination Archetype: The Scholar