Kris Hoots

Founding Partner

I’ve spent my entire professional life serving ministries and nonprofits. As a young adult I fell in love with this world when I worked inside a ministry. From there I was drawn into working with an ad agency that served Christian ministries. The deep and broad experience of nearly 30 years in this business has equipped me to bring great strategies, smooth processes and analytical insights for ministries. I’m blessed with the opportunity to change the world by delivering fundraising results for our clients.

My Passion: I’m passionate about details. The “little” things matter in big ways in this business. Strategies without attention to detail are a big bunch of nothing. I know the strategies and I know the details. I love seeing how that blesses our clients and their donors.

Strengths Finder: Restorative, Strategic, Input, Ideation, Activator

Fascination Archetype: The Archer