The hub of the Oneicity team is the partners: Kris Hoots and Steve Thomas. Often called “Hoots and Thomas,” we’re the starting place for any work with our clients.

In addition to Hoots and Thomas, the Oneicity “Stakeholders” are solid professionals with great experience, expertise and passion for serving our clients. You can click on their photos above to learn more.

As we hear your needs, analyze your situation and develop a strategic plan, we begin assembling a team. We are blessed with a deep network of talented pros who are available to work for you. We have relationships with other experts developed from years of working in the industry. As we discover your needs, we deliver the expertise you need to solve your problem. Graphic design? Sure. Newsletter? Of course. Web? No problem. Branding? Yep. Social media? Gotcha. Google ads? Absolutely. Custom database programming? Got it. Gift Processing? Oh yeah. Wanna learn how to connect with Major Donors in a completely new way? Ask us.

The great advantage to you is that you only pay for the team you need. You never pay for more than is necessary. And, you don’t have to take that junior copywriter because they’re the only one on staff with the capacity to work on your newsletter. You get the seasoned professionals you need every time.

Think of us as your non-agency for your nonprofit.