• The Oneicity process can grow your ministry and your donors will love it! — Jeff Gilman, Executive Director
    Redwood Gospel Mission
  • Hiring Oneicity was the best decision I've made in 27 years of ministry. — Rev. Bill Roscoe, President/CEO
    Boise Rescue Mission Ministries
  • You can trust Oneicity with your donors. — Sylvia Anderson, CEO
    Everett Gospel Mission
  • After working with the Oneicity team for nearly a decade, I know I can count on them to deliver the fundraising results I need to grow. Their strategy and creativity help us to develop long-term relationships with donors who care about our organization. I'm blessed by their partnership. — Carol Patterson, CEO
    Shepherd’s Gate

Redwood Gospel Mission

Maximum Donor Engagement:

Redwood Gospel Mission, was one of our first clients. Jeff Gilman has believed in us more than we believed in ourselves at the beginning. Jeff loves the Donoricity model and how our work connects with his donors. We recently met with Jeff to report on the ministry’s 2018 results.

The news was good. Very good.
The validation of their ministry was clear.
And we connected well with their donors.

A partial summary of what we reported::

– Income up (33% up in the last 5 years)
– Count of Active Donors holding steady
– Count of Gifts holding steady
– Average Gift up (a continuing upward trend, another 6-year high)
– Income per Donor up (a continuing upward trend, another 6-year high)
– Count of New Donors second highest in 5 years

An amazing year. Really, last year we told Jeff the only bad news was we’d have to beat the numbers again this year — wonderful problem to have. This year, we increased and held steady. Hard to do against last year’s increases.

How did that happen?

Redwood Gospel Mission is engaged in significant ways in their community.
We provided integrated direct mail strategies that are focused on engaging donors in the cause. Jeff and his team work with us to ensure the message that donors receive is central to the mission and connected to the heart of the donor. We provide Redwood Gospel Mission with a variety of new donor acquisition and lapsed donor reactivation strategies. Direct mail acquisition remains the most challenging work we provide for clients.

Results like this don’t happen overnight and our great work can’t solve every problem. But if you’re tired of results you don’t love, let’s talk. Maybe Oneicity can help.